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Thursday, 10 May, 2001, 10:06 GMT

Tory manifesto: At-a-glance

The key points of the 2001 Conservative Party election manifesto.

Tax and the economy

  • Cut fuel tax by 6p a litre
  • Local referendums before large increase in council tax
  • Lower taxes for businesses, families, savers, pensioners and motorists
  • Public spending not to outstrip the growth of the economy
  • No more "stealth" taxes
  • Less regulation for business
  • Keep the pound

    Families and education

  • Less tax for families
  • New married couples allowance
  • Freedom for headteachers to run schools
  • Power for parents to change management of failing schools
  • Endowment for universities

    Home affairs

  • Increase police numbers
  • Less police bureaucracy
  • Take persistent young offenders off the streets
  • Criminals to serve the sentence given by the court
  • More rights for victims
  • A "safe haven, not a soft touch", on asylum


  • Increase NHS funding
  • Allow patients and GPs to choose which hospital is best for treatment
  • Remove tax penalty on private medical insurance
  • Guaranteed limits on waiting times


  • Increase the basic state pension
  • Cut taxes for pensioners
  • Abolish compulsory pension annuities at age 75
  • Younger workers able to opt for properly funded private pensions
  • Protect the savings and homes of those needing long term care

    Foreign policy

  • A more flexible European Union
  • Veto further transfers of power from Westminster to Brussels
  • No European army outside NATO
  • Global free trade by 2020


  • Create an Office of Civil Society to work with families, voluntary organisations and faith communities
  • Reform taxation for charities
  • Protect the savings of disabled people and help them find work
  • Tackle welfare fraud

    Town and country

  • Strategy to aid recovery from foot-and-mouth for farms and rural businesses
  • Establish Regeneration Companies to revitalise inner cities and housing estates
  • Abolish housebuilding targets which threaten greenfield sites
  • Cut business rates for rural shops, pubs, garages and village post offices


  • Privatise Channel Four
  • Simplify regulation of British broadcasting and communications


  • Transfer power from central government to effective local councils
  • Abolish artificial regional tiers of administration in England
  • Reform Parliament so only English and Welsh MPs vote on exclusively English and Welsh matters
  • Strengthen parliamentary scrutiny of the government

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