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Sunday, 1 April, 2001, 13:50 GMT

The current state of industry

The BBC's Industry correspondent Steve Evans examines the current state of UK business and asks how the workers fare.

The burden on business

We are a trading nation and one of the big issues this election will be regulation and the burden it places on business. There has been a rise in regulation from the E.U. in recent years, but are we protecting our employees or stifling our industry?

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Workplace relations

Relations between employers and employees have been contentious in the past, but how much influence should unions be given? Whoever wins the election the minimum wage is likely to stay, but how often should this be reviewed?

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Rip-off Britain

All the parties believe that keeping competition between firms is the best way to keep prices down. But are we paying too high a price for our goods and services in the UK? Increasing globalisation will keep the pressure on, but do British businesses need to become more competitive survive in a global marketplace?

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