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Tuesday, 14 August, 2001, 14:04 GMT 15:04 UK


The poll that never was
A Labour landslide, more Lib Dems and the Tory leader resigns. So, no change there then.

Labour romps home again
UK Prime Minister Tony Blair returns to office with a second landslide majority.

Hague concedes defeat
Tory leader William Hague calls his party's election showing "deeply disappointing".

Kennedy hails Lib Dem result
Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy commits his party to becoming the "trenchant and responsible opposition" in parliament.

Turnout at 80-year low
The turnout in the 2001 General Election is the lowest for more than 80 years.

A strong case of election apathy
Why do so many of us fail to exercise our democratic right to vote?

Blair's triumph tarnished
Tony Blair has entered his historic second term flexing his muscles but undermined by massive voter apathy.

World leaders hail Blair victory
World leaders congratulate UK Prime Minister Tony Blair on his party's landslide election victory.

Hague to step down
William Hague is to resign as leader of the Conservative party following his disastrous showing in the general election.

Portillo hangs fire on leadership
Michael Portillo looks unlikely to declare his intention to stand for the Conservative leadership until Wednesday.

Widdecombe urged to run
Ann Widdecombe says she may run for Tory leader after being pressed to stand by MPs.

Battle on for Tory leadership
All eyes are on the Tories' most senior players as speculation mounts over who will replace William Hague.

Memo to new Tory leader: Part I
BBC Political Correspondent Mark Mardell imagines what a Tory Party strategist would tell William Hague's replacement.

Hangover in Hague's backyard
The morning after the night before on William Hague's home ground. Ryan Dilley takes the temperature as news of the Tory leader's resignation sinks in.

Resignation speech in full
What Conservative leader William Hague told journalists as he stood down as Tory leader.

A cumbersome procedure
William Hague wasted no time in announcing his decision to stand down - but choosing a new Tory leader is not a swift or smooth process.

Cabinet in his own image
Tony Blair has constructed his new cabinet owing nothing to any faction or interest group within Labour.

Cabinet changes: At-a-glance
BBC News Online's at-a-glance guide to who's up and who's down in the new Labour cabinet.

Vaz out, Harman in
The government reshuffle sees Keith Vaz resign, Harriet Harman return and Tony Blair's political secretary made a peer and a minister.

Straw's Europe debut
Jack Straw pledges a 'constructive' approach to Europe as he arrives in Luxembourg for talks.

Blunkett reviews paedophile lists
New Home Secretary David Blunkett is considering plans to give the public controlled access to paedophile registers.

Morris: Schools must change
New Education and Skills Secretary Estelle Morris calls for "a real transformation in secondary education".

Straw's top task: Selling the euro
The minister charged with selling the euro to British voters is known as a cabinet Eurosceptic.

Lessons for SNP
Leader John Swinney says the party must strengthen its organisation before the 2003 Scottish elections.

Plaid's night of mixed fortune
Plaid Cymru carry off their prize seat of Carmarthen East and Dinefwr but lose Ynys Mon.

Spotlight on England
BBC News Online takes a look at how the general election went in the English regions.

DUP gains damage Trimble
Ulster Unionist leader David Trimble is under pressure after his party loses three seats to the anti-Agreement DUP.

Changes to NI political map
BBC Northern Ireland's political correspondent Mark Simpson analyses the changed NI political map.

Council boost for Tories
Local elections give the Conservatives a consolation prize as they seize control of five councils.

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