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Friday, 8 June, 2001, 16:59 GMT 17:59 UK
Wales Decides: Your Views

The polls have closed and Labour - as widely predicted- have swept to a landslide victory as voters failed to turn out in force.

But what are your views about the result?

Is it what you expected?

And what will you be hoping for as the new government takes up the reins?

E-mail us now at Vote 2001.

Have Your Say I feel the reason for the low turn out is, people now fear that whatever party gains power, all their promises are soon forgotten. The winning party is the one that can fool the majority with what they want to hear. In the last 40 years i personally can not think of any party that has come up trumps.
Geraint, Aberdare S.Wales

Thanks for the great Welsh coverage all night. I stayed up all night, well I fell asleep at about 0530BST! Politicians and the media say that young people are not intersted in polotics but I'm only 15 years old and I must be intersted (or mad!) to have stayed up all night. We had a mock election in school yesterday and every one was discusing who is best and why in a lot more depth than most adults. Once again thanks for the great show.
Myfanwy Alexander, Montgomeryshire

If Plaid Cymru really want to penetrate the Welsh heartland they need to gain a broader understanding of 'The Welsh'instead of attempting to force their narrow, rural, middle class, elitist, mind set on the rest of Wales. Well done Wales for supporting the politics of inclusivity and opportunity for all over backward looking cultural stagnation.
Alan Storer, Cardiff

What a sad result for the PC in Wales. My mother came to Canada on a training exchange in 1966 feel in love and married here - but she has never forgotten that she is Welsh. A relief that PC won in her home consistuency of Meirionnydd Nany Conwy. If the Nationalists in Wales want to get attention they'll have to do better that this. Angelsey voting Labour has got to be a bitter disappointment. Cymru am byth.
Peter Misiaszek, Toronto, Canada

How sad that Ynys Mon has chosen a Labour representative. It should be very obvious that the only way Welsh culture will be preserved is if one votes for a party that supports Welsh identity. Never forget the Labour census snub of Welsh people. Pam, Mon, pam?
Llewelyn Thomas, Somewhere in the US, Sadly

How can we vote for people we never see. I have been voting since 1988, and only knew what Paul Murphy looked like last year. Mr Murphy and the Labour Party haven't done anything for our town. The only money we get here is EU money! I believe Paul Murphy thinks Blaenavon is a black hole┐It's there but, it's not.
Jason Matthews, Blaenavon

We have Town Council Elections, County Council Elections, Assembly Elections, Westminster and European Elections┐ Is there any wonder that people are sick and tired of elections and their false promises and lies!
Michael Keddie, Llanelli

Thanks for the great Welsh coverage all night. I stayed up all night.Politicians and the media say that young people are not intersted in polotics but I'm only 15 years old and I must be intersted (or mad!) to have stayed up all night.

Myfanwy Alexander
I live in the marginal seat of Carmarthen. Labour have mismanaged this constituency for years and cost the tax payer dearly. Why should we tow the labour party line - which predominantly comes from Westminster? We must follow Scotland and Ireland's example and also offer the English a chance to finally achieve an identity and voice which relates to their own local issues. Decentralisation of government is the only way forward.
Evans Carmarthen, Wales

I hope this is grammatically correct as Ms Kinnock was my English teacher long ago! I think when all the dust has settled, we will see that the low turnout affects the Labour vote more than the other parties. My family are life-long Labour voters who voted Plaid this time. We have done so because it seems Labour has forgotten us. We survive on invalidity benefit and are first-hand users of the health and education systems. What about us?
T. Stundon, Pontypool, Wales

What a great result it looks like it's turning out to be. Hopefully no Tories in Wales. It's just a pity we cant do the same in England too!
Gareth Williams, Wrexham, Wales

So, the voters are in charge today. Shouldn't we be in charge ALL of the time?
Patrick Daley, Cardiff, Wales

Did you know, we had TWO ballot papers today in this old county town of Montgomeryshire. As well as the general election, we had our first chance to vote for members of our town (community) council for the first time in SIXTEEN years. There were two casual vacancies and a total of 8 people were trying for them. This is the only town council election since about 1985!
Ann Hirst, Montgomery, Powys, Wales

There's widespread apathy because the electoral system is grossly unfair. As a disillusioned socialist living in Cardiff West, I have no real choice - just the four main parties and UKIP. But if I lived two streets away in Cardiff Central I could vote Green or Socialist Alliance. I challenge your panellists to defend this unfair system - until we have full PR our so-called democracy is a sham.
Andy Johnson, Cardiff

By the look of the predicted result of a larger Labour majority, do you think that it diminishes the appeal of the assembly and paves the way for a Labour dictatorship

Stuart Osbourne, Llanelli

Thanks for putting my comments to the panel. But I have to take issue with Paul Murphy's response. Every voter should have the opportunity to vote for every party standing. As I've pointed out, my choice is severely restricted because of a postcode lottery. The status quo suits the main parties because they know PR will be their death knell.
Andy Johnson, Cardiff, Wales

By the look of the predicted result of a larger Labour majority, do you think that it diminishes the appeal of the assembly and paves the way for a labour dictatorship, eliminating democracy?
Stuart Osborne, Llanelli, Wales

One of the reasons for the low turn out this year, must be that the public are fed up of hearing about the election campaign via the media. For the last month we've heard nothing on the radio or television other than politics and I think we've all had enough. In the olden days we had none of this media intervention and just heard the cars and their loudspeakers in the streets - a far better way than this Americanisation!
A. James, Neath, Wales

I too did not receive a voting card to my home this year. I know I am not the first to report this fact tonight!
Beth Williams, Swansea, Wales

We don't have politics here, it's a one party sectarian state. When are we going to get true PR so I don't feel disenfranchised? It seems that the main parties and Plaid Cymru in particular, are more interested in power than in representation. It seems that what they are looking for is interventionist power, not real representation.
Andrew March, Caernarfon, Wales

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