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Saturday, 9 June, 2001, 18:54 GMT 19:54 UK
Thatcher - a help or a hindrance?

She compared her political come-back to the film 'The Mummy Returns'.

Her presence on the campaign trail for the Conservatives was in contrast to her low profile for the party in the 1997 election.

But she went against the party line in her comments on the euro and embarrassed some in her party with her talk of a potential Labour landslide.

The legacy of Mrs Thatcher has been something of a headache for Labour too. While the Prime Minister said it was time to lay her legacy to rest, one newspaper endorsed Tony Blair because, it said, he was her true heir.

Did Lady Thatcher's appearances during the election campaign do more to galvanise her own party's core voters or those of her opponents?

Did she do more harm than good? Did she make you more or less likely to vote?

This debate is now closed. Read a selection of your comments below.

Your reaction

Lady Thatcher's emergence was counter-productive. She reminded committed Conservative voters of a previous "golden age" of electoral success and they drew unfavourable comparisons with Mr Hague. It reminded wavering Labour voters of how things used to be and probably convinced some they should vote. I don't think that was what was intended.
Chris, Nottingham, England

It's time to put the nails in the mummy's coffin

Mathew Lucass, UK
Mrs. Thatcher was a good Prime Minister. Past Tense. I think it's time to put the nails in the mummy's coffin.
Mathew Lucass, UK

Margaret Thatcher is one of those vain celebrities who hasn't the slightest awareness of her impact on others. Like Ann Widdecombe she is too self obsessed to know that her influence is more harmful than helpful.
Denny, Maidstone, Kent

When I was 10 years of age, free milk was ceased in primary schools. My mum told me it was the fault of Maggie Thatcher - aka the milk snatcher. With regard to Hague I believe that she has ended up snatching more than a few pints of milk, and has probably snatched away a few votes too.
Rob, Hertfordshire

Without her the turnout would have been even lower. She must have frightened a few thousand Labour voters out of their apathy.
George, Tolworth, Surrey, UK

I was unsure about who to vote for. Once I saw Thatcher back on the campaign trail my mind was made up - I voted Labour.
Alan Milnes, Glenrothes, Scotland

People only remember Thatcher for her bad points, bringing her out was a bad mistake as it alienated the general electorate who are post-Thatcherite.
Andrew, Bolton, England

Her reappearance reminded us of the 15 per cent base rates, ruined businesses, repossessed homes, the injustices of the poll tax, and the overbearing hectoring and handbagging style of government - and poor William Hague was thereby doomed.
Maurice Honeywell, Northamptonshire, England

If she really wanted Hague to win she should have supported Tony Blair

Derek, UK
If she really wanted Hague to win she should have supported Tony Blair - tactical support rather than tactical voting - the poll would then have swung Hague's way!
Derek, UK

Did she really liken her comeback to The Mummy returns? Honestly? A film about a long thought dead monster with no conscience, a terrifying appearance and an army of zombie followers? Please let that be true.
Ash, London, UK




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