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Tuesday, 20 February, 2001, 19:40 GMT
On The Record

Get to the heart of political debate during the election campaign with BBC One's flagship Sunday lunchtime political programme presented by John Humphrys.

This page will be updated with reaction and analysis of the election result after 1400BST on Sunday, 10 June following transmission of On the Record.

Presenter John Humphrys
Presenter John Humphrys

Deputy leaders debate

On June 3, On The Record held its Deputy Leaders election debate. In the studio were the Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott, Conservative Party Chairman Michael Ancram and the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats Alan Beith.


An NHS intensive care ward
NHS matters
The opinion polls show health is the issue voters care about most. So has the NHS improved in the last four years? The independent health care think tank, the Kings Fund, says the number of patients has fallen for the first time in twenty years.

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The Environment

The environment has not featured much in this campaign. Friends of the Earth has given each of the parties' manifestos marks out of 50. John Humphrys asked the politicians to respond to their scores.

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Personalising the campaign?

All the parties have been accused of making personal attacks on their opponents. Does this kind of negative campaigning put people off voting?

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Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook
Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook
Foreign Affairs

On the 27th May, On The Record's debate focused on the Foreign Affairs. In the studio were the Foreign Secretary Robin Cook, his Conservative shadow Francis Maude and Liberal Democrat Foreign Affairs spokesman Menzies Campbell

The future of Europe and particularly the Euro prompted the most questions from the audience. Labour say Britain should not go into the Euro until five economic tests have been met. But are there also political factors that should be taken into account?

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Referendum plans

Robin Cook and Francis Maude clashed over the plans for a referendum on the Euro. The Conservatives say they believe a Labour Government would rig the referendum.

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Withdrawal from Europe

Opinion polls show that a significant number of voters would like Britain to withdraw from the European Union. But do any of the major parties think that could ever happen?

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The Economy

On May 20, On The Record's studio debate focused on the Economy. In the studio were Michael Portillo, Shadow Chancellor, Andrew Smith the Chief Secretary to the Treasury and Lib Dem Treasury spokesman Matthew Taylor."


Labour says it would hold a referendum on Britain joining the Euro when five economic tests have been met. John Humphrys asks when is that likely to be?

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The Conservatives say they plan to cuts taxes and spending. So John Humphrys asked Michael Portillo about comments made by his deputy, Oliver Letwin, to the Financial Times, that the cuts could be as much as 20 billion.

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Tax and public spending are key issues in the election. So are people prepared to pay higher taxes if the money goes on things like health and education?.

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Home Affairs

On 13 May, Jack Straw, the Home Secretary, Ann Widdecombe the Shadow Home Secretary and Simon Hughes, the Liberal Democrat Home Affairs spokesman took part in On The Record's first General Election debate. The debate started with the parties clashing over who would increase police numbers the most.

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Are prison sentences too short? The Conservatives say prisoners are being released too early.

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A member of the audience asks whether emotive language like "bogus asylum seekers" is damaging race relations.

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To get more information about On The Record or to hear the whole of this week's debate. click here to visit the On The Record website