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Tuesday, 29 May, 2001, 16:32 GMT 17:32 UK
Online 1000: Full figures
ICM polled 1,109 adults in England, Wales and Scotland between Thursday 24 May and Sunday 27 May, 400 of them by telephone and the rest by the internet. The results have been weighted to the profile of all adults.
Q.1 Which party do you trust to run the NHS most effectively?

Q.2 Which party do you trust to run state schools most effectively?

Q.3 Which party do you trust to best manage the economy?

Q.4 Which party do you think has the best policies to tackle crime?

Q.5 Which party do you think will best protect the UK's interests in the European Union?

Q.6 Which party do you think has the best Public Transport policies?

Q.7 How likely is it that you will vote in an immediate general election?

Q.8 Which party leader do you think would make the best prime minister?

Q.9 Which of the following political parties do you believe BEST supports the interests of ethnic minorities?

Q.10 Which of the following political parties do you believe BEST supports the interests of women?

Q.11 Under which of the following parties do you think you would pay the most taxes?

Q.12 Under which of the following parties do you think public services would improve the most?

Q.13 If taxes did have to increase, which of the following do you think the Chancellor should do?

Q.14 Some political parties believe there should be a referendum on the Euro. A referendum would not decide whether we join the Euro. The referendum would, in effect, be to decide whether the Government should be given the power to choose when, if at all, Britain should join the Euro. Regardless of whether or not you think Britain should join the Euro, would you be in favour of this referendum?

Q.15 How much do you agree with the following statement ‘None of the main political parties in this election really represents my views’?

Q.16 Which ONE news source do you most trust to give you a balanced and honest coverage during the election campaign?

Q.17 Should there be closer co-operation between the NHS and private health care companies?

Q.18 How well has the Government handled the foot & mouth crisis?

Q.19 Some people say that when they vote they will do so because they endorse the views of that particular party. Others say they are more likely to vote for a party, not because they necessarily approve of its politics, but, because they are particularly against the views of an opposing party. Which of those statements best describes the way you vote?

Q.20 If you answered "against a party" above, which party will you vote against?

Q.21 Have you ever voted tactically in a General Election?

* Results add up to more than 100% as those surveyed could make more than one choice.