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Thursday, 31 May, 2001, 10:50 GMT 11:50 UK
Campaign in quotes

BBC News Online rounds up some of the best quotes of the election campaign so far.

The one thing I can assure you is that I'm not going to do a Prescott

David Trimble on the rough reception he received on a visit to Newtownards

I could certainly see Gerry Adams as first minister

Martin McGuinness on high office for the Sinn Fein leader within the next five years

If I have any political ambition it is to represent West Belfast in an all-Ireland parliament

Gerry Adams shrugging Mr McGuinness's suggestion off in favour of a different political office

That's very good because it advertises my name and in politics it's good to have your name advertised

The UUP's Willie Thompson on being told he gets a mention on Sinn Fein's election posters in West Tyrone

It is vital all necessary resources are provided to combat this evil activity

Alliance Party leader Sean Neeson warning of a threat of large scale vote stealing on polling day

I think we'll go back with a very massive vote, we might well be the largest party

Seamus Mallon predicts the SDLP could take up to seven seats

I think they have given me rather good odds

Rainbow George after Eastwoods bookies offered 30,000-to-1 against him winning all four Belfast constituencies

I just want to go away to a darkened room and listen to some music

A journalist after UK Unionist leader Bob McCartney read out his entire election manifesto at a Belfast press conference.

This is a two horse race between the filly and the stallion and if I win by a nose I've still won

Strangford UUP candidate David McNarry on the contest between him and Iris Robinson of the DUP

I would call myself Moby Dick and I would call him a little sprat and Cedric Wilson a tiddler

Iris Robinson on Mr McNarry and the NIUP candidate

I would rather have Sinn Fein in because Sinn Fein can give nothing, the unionist party has given everything

Independent unionist Jim Dixon on his UUP opponent James Cooper in Fermanagh South Tyrone

I think that's the most irrational statement I've ever heard from anyone who wants to call himself a unionist

Mr Cooper in reply

The Ulster Unionists have made it clear that they wanted Alliance to stand aside anywhere and everywhere they asked

Alliance leader Sean Neeson on David Trimble's refusal to make a pact

A vote for one of the smaller parties in this election is a wasted vote

David Trimble on some of the competition

It is the only thing that is going to cost Sinn Fein votes because people feel we are not doing enough

Gerry Adams on anti-social behaviour in his constituency


Cecil Walker describing how he felt after an embarrassing TV appearance during which he had trouble with his hearing aid

Two political parties who are in danger of drowning are fighting for the same life jacket

UKUP leader Bob McCartney on the Alliance and Ulster Unionist parties after Alliance withdrew from North Down in favour of the UUP

The chickens are coming home to roost

DUP leader Ian Paisley forecasting "come-uppance" for the Ulster Unionists

Brid Rodgers will need a map and a driver to take her into that constituency

Mitchel McLaughlin on the SDLP's bid to capture the West Tyrone seat

What offends him so much about people enjoying themselves

Ulster Unionist Cecil Walker on Reverend Ian Paisley's warning to Free Presbyterians about the evils of line-dancing

We're not able to throw money at seats where there's not a great chance of winning

Gary McMichael of the UDP on how his party cannot afford to stand in the general election

We've been joined by ex-hunger strikers, by ex-blanketmen, by women who were in Armagh jail, by republicans from across this island who find that Fermanagh South Tyrone grasps the imagination

Michelle Gildernew on Sinn Fein's bid to win the Fermanagh seat

It has to be recast, it has to be changed

The Deputy leader of the DUP Peter Robinson, on the future of the Good Friday Agreement after the election


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