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Friday, 15 June, 2001, 17:50 GMT 18:50 UK

Northern Ireland

David Trimble was jostled by DUP supporters as he left the count centre 'We're still strong' - Trimble
David Trimble claims he has "weathered the storm" despite the UUP's losses to the anti-Agreement DUP.
Rise of Sinn Fein
Sinn Fein's rise divides Northern Ireland in political terms into the "greened" west and the unionist east.
UUP loses 31 council seats
The Ulster Unionists lose 31 seats in the Northern Ireland council election and there are big gains for the DUP and Sinn Fein.
Changes to NI political map
BBC Northern Ireland's political correspondent Mark Simpson analyses the changed NI political map.
Unionism: The view from the grassroots
BBC News Online's Derek Crawshaw goes in search of grassroots unionist opinion in the wake of the general election result.
SDLP strategist calls for change
A senior SDLP strategist calls on his party to make changes in response to the "bloody nose" he says it has been given in the general election.
Women MPs sweep to power
The general election in Northern Ireland sees the elevation of three females and a husband and wife team to the House of Commons.
Northern Ireland candidates
A full list of the candidates who stood in the general election in Northern Ireland.
Two held after poll shooting
Police arrest two people after gunmen injure three people at a Northern Ireland polling station.
NI polling station rows
NI's chief electoral officer says there will be an investigation into reports of voting irregularities at polling centres.
Candidate alleges unionist smear
Anti-Agreement unionist Jim Dixon says he is withdrawing from the Fermanagh South Tyrone contest over a smear campaign.
'Blackmail' in North Down
The BBC learns of an attempt to blackmail an Ulster Unionist who wanted to fight the controversial North Down seat.
Alliance withdraws from five seats
The Alliance Party decides not to fight five Westminster seats claiming it is acting in the interests of the Good Friday Agreement.
'Adams as first minister'
Sinn Fein's Martin McGuinness predicts Gerry Adams could be Northern Ireland's first minister within five years.
SDLP and Sinn Fein clash
The SDLP accuses Sinn Fein of intimidating its election workers in West Tyrone.
Cecil admits: 'I was mortified'
Ulster Unionist Cecil Walker admits he offered to stand down as his party's candidate for North Belfast after a poor TV appearance.
Rainbow George's manifesto
Rainbow George Weiss, who is standing in all four Belfast seats, unveils some radical policies.
Nationalists clash on electoral pact
The Social Democratic and Labour Party and Sinn Fein clash over their failure to reach an electoral pact.
Paisley brands line dancing 'sinful'
The DUP leader and moderator of the Free Presbyterian Church, Ian Paisley, condemns line dancing as "sinful".
Unionist MPs stand down
Two of Northern Ireland's most colourful Ulster Unionist MPS are standing down from parliament at this election.
West Belfast's biggest issue?
Anti-social behaviour, and the responses to it, is claimed to be the single biggest election issue on the doorsteps in West Belfast.
Success on the internet?
Did you surf the political parties' websites during this election campaign?
Maiden speeches in short supply
The last time Northern Ireland elected a woman to parliament was in 1969. Is this the election which will change the statistics?
NI Scoreboard

After 18 of 18 results
Party Seats Net
UUP 6 -4
DUP 5 +3
SF 4 +2
SDLP 3 0
Oth 0 -1

Under pressure
Where do DUP election gains leave Trimble?
Time out
NI leaders reveal how they relax from campaigning

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