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Wednesday, 6 June, 2001, 09:34 GMT 10:34 UK
Let the people speak

In a seat like Enfield Southgate, Labour's 15th most marginal, every vote really counts. So what are the big issues for the locals and who will they be voting for?

  • Abi Smetham

    Abi Smetham: Teachers
    What issues are important to you?
    "I think we need to be attracting more teachers to the profession. On a youth worker's wage I'll never be able to afford to buy a house in London, there are just so many other people here able to pay the high prices."

    Will you vote?
    "I think Labour is doing a fantastic job."

  • Tina Wulbern
    What issues are important to you?
    "Education and the NHS. I had trouble getting my youngest one into primary school and I'm worried it might happen again when he goes up to secondary school. The budgets for the hospitals are not enough. Having been to both Barnet and Chase Farm hospitals recently I was surprise how dirty they were."

    Will you vote?
    "Yes, But I don't know who for yet. This is the first time I'll got to the poll and not know who to vote for."

  • Dorothy Permain

    Dorothy Permain: Council tax
    What issues are important to you?
    "The council tax is excessively high and you don't get much of a service for what you do pay. It's getting worse. The 75p pension rise was derisive and as for the free TV licence for pensioners, well you can't eat that. I'd rather have the money and choose what to do with it myself."

    Will you vote?
    "Yes, I'll vote Tory to get Tony Blair out. I'm not a natural Tory but Labour have been dreadful for pensioners."

  • Norman Sharp

    Norman Sharp: Hospitals
    What issues are important to you?
    "Health. I went to the doctors last June and was told I'd have to have an operation. It's not scheduled until August this year. The hospitals are not up to the same standards they used to be. Schools are also an issue. It doesn't concern us directly but we've got grandchildren. I'm not that bothered about the things like the euro."

    Will you vote?
    "Yes, Probably for the Lib Dems. I don't want to see Blair getting another landslide."

  • John Coleman

    John Coleman: Health
    What issues are important to you?
    "Hospitals are the main thing. If you go into casualty at [Chase Farm hospital] you have to wait two to three hours to see a doctor. I spend a lot of time here in the mental health unit and the conditions are shocking. Mental health patients are the lowest priority."

    Will you vote?
    "Yes, Lib Dem."

  • Berry Bryan
    What issues are important to you?
    "Education, the rights of the poor and downtrodden, health. I would've thought Labour would pay more attention to the hard up. I think they're doing quite well for four years and they need a second term"

    Will you vote?
    "Yes, Labour."

  • Andrew Anastasi

    Andrew Anastasi: Rubbish
    What issues are important to you?
    "GPs! It's not that you can't get an appointment, you can't even get on their books in the first place. You end up with a long drive because you can't get anyone locally. And then there's rubbish collection, the filth we're suffering behind my salon is disgusting and nothing gets done!"

    Will you vote?
    "I don't give a monkey's for any of them!"

  • Pauline Stead
    What issues are important to you?
    "Schools aren't funded enough. Parents have to pay for trips, pens and raise money for books. There are enough special needs schools either. Hospitals are as bad, you have to wait for everything. I don't mind paying taxes, but you get nothing back. Immigrants come to this country, pay nothing and get everything."

    Will you vote?
    "None of your business."

    Jack Power: Europe

  • Jack Power
    What issues are important to you?
    "Europe. I don't like the idea of being controlled by Germany and France. I lived through a war. It took Hitler just six years from coming to power to try taking over. Already you have right-wingers in charge in Austria. It's a very unhappy situation."

    Will you vote?
    "My father raised me to keep my vote secret."

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