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Friday, 1 June, 2001, 11:14 GMT 12:14 UK
The voice of the people

Former Prime Minister John Major, who is retiring from politics, has been MP for Hungtingdon since 1979. At the last election he had a huge majority.

But now with new faces fighting the seat, what do the voters make of it all? Here, some of them have their say.

  • David Binstead, retired.

    Will you vote? "I will vote Conservative. The Labour government will sell this country down the road."

    David Binstead: keep England English

    What issues are most important to you? "Europe. We are going to be controlled by Europe, but we won't get any benefit from it. I still believe Britain is Britain and an Englishman is an Englishman."

  • Pauline Woods, retired.

    Will you vote? "No, I'm not voting because the polling station is too far away from my house, but I'm not particularly interested. I think: 'Well let them get on with it'."

  • Alycia Glaves, housing company manager.

    What issues are important to you?

    Alycia Glaves: Give Labour a second term
    "Public services, health and education. I think Labour has started off quite well and I think we have got to give them time to continue what they're doing.

    "I think people tend to forget what it was like before Blair took over."

    Will you vote? "Yes I will be voting Labour."

  • Mike Coles, retired.

    What are the important issues "I have had enough of the lot of them. It's a load of nonsense. Everybody talks and nobody does anything."

    "I'm disillusioned with the whole lot of them at the moment."

    Will you vote?"I'm anti-Europe. I'm definitely not going to vote Labour. I think if they get in we will see socialism back with a smack.

    "The Europeans have got nothing we want. It's the other way around."

    What do you think of people who do not vote?

    Danielle Swepstone: no interest in politics
    "I have been having a go at some youngsters who don't vote, which I think is irresponsible."

  • Danielle Swepstone, housewife.

    Will you vote? "I probably won't vote. I'm not interested in politics at all. I don't care and I don't feel guilty."

  • Glen Brown, purchasing administrator.

    Will you vote?

    Glen Brown: Persuaded by Charles Kennedy
    "I wasn't going to vote but I saw a party political broadcast with Charles Kennedy and thought he was quite sound. I am quite impressed by what he is saying.

    "I don't want to have a say in what's going on. I don't want to vote for Labour. But I don't want to make the wrong mistake so I might not vote at all."

  • Anne Oliver, company director.

    Will you vote?

    Anne Oliver: Lib Dem fan
    "I don't like any of them; they all say the same. I hate the Conservatives I will vote Liberal Democrat. I don't like politics I hate the way they all slag each other off."

    Issues "I think health is an important issue. I think the health service staff are so demoralised.

    "And Europe. I wouldn't like to be governed by Brussels."

  • Justin Canning, purchasing administrator.

    Will you vote?

    Justin Canning: Labour voter
    "I'm voting Labour. I think it's only a toss up between Labour and Conservative and I don't want to vote Conservative.

    "I think the Liberal Democrats are all right, but I think their leader is a bit wet, he doesn't seem to be that tough."

    What are the important issues "Education, health care and child benefits are important."

  • Beryl Close, sales assistant.

    Will you vote? "Yes. I'm voting Conservative. I have always been a Tory supporter. I'm a true blue."

    What are the important issues

    Beryl Close: true Blue
    "I don't want to belong to Europe, I don't want to see sterling vanish. We don't want to be ruled by Brussels.

    "Also it's disgraceful the way Labour has handled foot-and-mouth.

    "They should have stopped all transportation of animals and they opened footpaths too early.

    "I hate Tony Blair, I find him arrogant. He says one thing and does another.

    "And the NHS, when Labour came to power they said they would do so much and people are still dying on trolleys."

  • Alison Leach, sales assistant.

    Will you vote? Yes, I will be voting Conservative in the election. "

    Alison Leach: keep the pound
    What are the important issues to you? "From a young person's point of view, the key issue is money and losing the pound.

    "I can't see Europe is going to make it any better than what they're doing now.

    "The Conservatives say they're going to do a lot more for hospitals."

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