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Monday, 4 June, 2001, 10:14 GMT 11:14 UK
The voice of the people

A fierce battle for votes is on in the marginal Conservative constituencies of Dorset West and Dorset South.

Keith Tanswell
Keith Tanswell: Tory fan
But what do those in the key seats make of it all? Here, the voters have their say.

  • Keith Tanswell, motorcycle parts supplier, 37, Bridport (Dorset West).

    Will you vote? "I'll be voting Conservative, as I always have - and I want Oliver Letwin to stay in."

     Emma Greig
    Emma Greig: Tactical voter?

  • Emma Greig, cafe manager, 30, Bridport (Dorset West).

    Will you vote? "Yes, I suppose so... I don't know much about it, to be honest."

    Would you consider tactical voting? "Oh yes, that's how I would actually vote. If you're here, that [the Lib-Dem candidate] is who you've got to vote for, because it's a waste if you vote for Labour."

    Lee Edwards: National and local issues

  • Lee Edwards, builder, 25, Bridport (Dorset West).

    Will you vote? "I'm not registered, because I've been living at different places for the last two years, but I've got the forms to fill out."

    What issues are important to you? "In Bridport, the shops have all shut down and I think they should do something about it all, because you get squatters, underage drinking and things like that."

    Valerie Aylott: Pensions the most important issue
    Valerie Aylott: Pensions the most important issue

  • Valerie Aylott, shop assistant, 68, Bridport (Dorset West).

    Will you vote? "I may - I'm undecided as of yet. I'm not very keen on any of them."

    Issues: "Pensions, mainly, and the National Health Service. The things everyone wants improvements in, I think."

    John Thompson
    John Thompson: Usually backs the Greens

  • John Thompson, father, 38, Cheselbourne (Dorset West).

    Tactical voting? "I will, if it means voting Lib-Dem instead of Labour - because I want the Conservatives out."

    Issues: "It's local issues that sway it for me this time. The services are rubbish. I pay 1,600 a year and I don't have street lighting. I usually vote Greens but I thought maybe that's a wasted vote. Dorchester has got to change."

    Adrian Collis
    Adrian Collis: Votes from the heart

  • Adrian Collis, pub landlord, 46, Burton Bradstock (Dorset West).

    Will you vote? "I shall, and I shall be voting as my heart tells me to. I'm a natural Labour voter."

    Issues: "Certainly the economy, and the health service. I think those are the main issues, really."

  • Ian Alderson, retired police officer, 68, Bothenhampton (West Dorset).

    Will you vote? "I will - the Tories need all the votes they can get."

    Issues: "British sovereignty. I don't want the country to be run from Brussels."

    Tim Comley
    Tim Comley: Wants his vote to register

  • Tim Comley, shopkeeper, 43, Burton Bradstock (Dorset West).

    Will you vote? "I'm going to vote Labour."

    Tactical voting? "I've done that in the past, as areas that I've lived in before have also been strong Conservative areas. But I'd rather vote for who I feel I want to get in."

    Issues: "Health and education - especially health. It doesn't ever seem to get any better, but I think more's been done in the last four years than in previous years."

    Simon Clacher
    Simon Clacher: May not vote

  • Simon Clacher, record shop assistant, 22, Broadmayne (Dorset West).

    Will you vote? "Yeah, probably. I guess I'll vote Labour, because my parents vote Labour."

    Issues: "We're slightly better off than under the Conservatives. The minimum wage has certainly helped me, but the petrol price rises could also swing it."

    Pattar Pascal-Robert
    Pattar Pascal-Robert: Health the big issue

  • Pattar Pascal-Robert, Housing and resettlement officer, 40, Weymouth (South Dorset).

    Will you vote?"Yes indeed. I always vote for the party with the best policy and to be on the safe side it's got to be Labour, to give them a chance to continue with their manifesto."

    Issues: "Health is an issue, but that's interrelated with housing and education. But whoever wins is going to have to have a number of years to get the economy on track."

    Jean Thorpe
    Jean Thorpe: Insulted by paltry pension rise

  • Jean Thorpe, retired military chef, 71, Wool (Dorset South).

    Will you vote? "I usually vote, but at the moment I am undecided."

    Issues: "I'm quite happy with everything but what really upset me was the 75p pension increase. That was really a kick in the backside."

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