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Conference Division 1 fixtures

11 Jul 2014

19:30Rochdale Mayfield v Eccles & Salford

12 Jul 2014

14:30Dewsbury Celtic v Ince Rose Bridge
14:30Milford Marlins v Millom
14:30Saddleworth Rangers v Oulton Raiders
14:30Shaw Cross Sharks v Normanton Knights
14:30York Acorn v Myton Warriors

19 Jul 2014

14:30Dewsbury Celtic v Rochdale Mayfield
14:30Ince Rose Bridge v Eccles & Salford
14:30Myton Warriors v Milford Marlins
14:30Oulton Raiders v Normanton Knights
14:30Saddleworth Rangers v Millom
14:30York Acorn v Shaw Cross Sharks
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