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Alerts service terms and conditions

1. By texting ALERTS to 81008 you are agreeing to receive up to two messages per day for the duration of the Olympic Games (August 6 to 28). You will pay 10p to 15p to send this first message. All subsequent messages will be funded by the BBC.

2. This service will only run for the duration of the Beijing Olympic Games. You will not be subscribed to any future services nor receive any marketing material as a result.

3. To unsubscribe from the service at any time text STOP to 81008. You will pay 10p to 15p to send this message and will be sent a free confirmation of your de-registration. You will receive no more messages.

4. The service is available to customers of British mobile network operators.

5. You must seek permission from the person paying the bill before registering for the service.

6. The BBC (and its service providers) will not use your mobile number for any other purpose than the Olympic Alert service. The BBC complies with the Data Protection Act 1998. For more information on BBC Privacy Policy please refer to

7. The BBC Sport Olympic Alert service is administered by the BBC.

8. When the Olympics have finished, you will receive a message from the BBC asking if you would like to participate in some user research to gain your opinions on the survey. You are under no obligations to take part and will only be contacted if you reply to the text message and opt in to the research. If you do decide to take part, your contact details will be given to a market research company for the purpose of this survey only. You will not be contacted again and your details will not be used for anything else.

9. If you travel abroad after signing up for the service, you may be charged for receiving SMS messages. We recommend you unsubscribe from the service before travelling abroad to avoid this risk.
If you use the mobile internet by clicking on the links contained in the messages you will also incur high international roaming data charges so we recommend you do not access the mobile internet while abroad unless you have confirmed the potential data charges with your network operator.

10. The BBC reserves the right to stop this service or prevent new registrations at any time.