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Group demands county name switch
7 Nov 2007 10:23 GMT

County Durham's proposed new unitary authority should have a name which better reflects the area it serves, a heritage group has urged.

The Association of British Counties says the name Central County Durham and Teesdale Council would recognise areas which were once in North Yorkshire.

It said it would be responsible for those areas and the current name Durham County Council was also inappropriate.

The council said the name would be put out to consultation.

Seven district councils will disappear when the new unitary authority comes into being.

Association chairman Dr. Peter Boyce said: "The name Durham County Council, adopted in 1974, has always been inappropriate as only a third of County Durham folk are served by Durham County Council.

"The creation of the new unitary council is an opportunity to choose a new name which better reflects the communities it will serve."

It has proposed Central County Durham and Teesdale Council or Mid Durham and Teesdale Council.

Albert Nugent, leader of Durham County Council said: "The county name is important to us and many people take pride in the fact that we are the only county in the country which has 'County' at the beginning of our name.

"One of the Association's proposals would have us lose that and the only redeeming feature of the alternative it has put forward is that it would give us one of the longest council names in the country."