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Tories make gains in Lincolnshire
4 May 2007 16:56 BST

The Conservatives have taken control of Lincoln from Labour in Thursday's elections, adding to their dominance in the county.

The Tories have also maintained their hold on South Holland but failed to take West Lindsey council from the Liberal Democrats.

The Independent Bypass Group has taken control of Boston Borough Council, with Labour being wiped out.

The independents took 25 seats with the Tories taking five.

Labour lost five seats on Lincoln City Council, bringing their total to 15, two behind the Conservative tally of 17.

The Liberal Democrats lost one seat, bring their representation on the council to just one seat.

West Lindsey District Council was retained by the Liberal Democrats who won 20 seats while the Conservatives have 16 councillors. A third of the council was up for election.

In South Kesteven, the Tories have retained control of the council with 35 seats, while in North Kesteven they gained overall control with five extra seats. They now have a total of 25 seats compared with four for the Lib Dems.