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Tories eyeing success in Lincoln
28 Apr 2007 14:32 BST

By John Hess
Political Editor, East Midlands

Lincoln is a former Labour stronghold that the Tories are hoping will fall into their hands in the local elections this time around.

Labour took a big hit last May when it lost five seats to the Tories.

Its 20-member strong group still has a nine-seat majority, but the Tories are hoping their strength in rural Lincolnshire might rub off in the city.

The Lib Dems have struggled to make any impact in Lincoln, where they currently have only two seats.

In Boston, the Labour and Conservatives are in a dead heat with 11 seats each, but the threat may lie with the independents.

A strong showing by the Boston Bypass independents, who are fielding 32 candidates, could have a big impact on the future of the council.

Meanwhile in South Kesteven - where the main town is Grantham, Margaret Thatcher's hometown - the Conservatives are very comfortably in control.

The Tories are miles ahead of the opposition in both North Kesteven and South Kesteven - where neither Labour nor the Lib Dems are perceived to pose a strong threat.

East Lindsey is an unusual case where an independent coalition holds power with the Tories in second place.

South Holland has a Conservative-led council, with no Labour or Lib Dem councillors, but the BNP do hold one seat.

West Lindsey sees a straight fight between the Lib Dems and the Conservatives as Labour has no seats at the moment.