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York's Shed Seven back at the top

Shed Seven live in Sheffield
Formed in 1990, Shed Seven will mark their 20th anniversary in 2010

In the 1990s Shed Seven were one of the groups that emerged as part of the growing Britpop scene.

The band broke up in 2003, but reformed in 2007 for a greatest hits tour. The success of that led them to hit the road again in 2009.

The band originally comprised Rick Witter on vocals, Joe Johnson on guitar and keyboards (replaced in 1993 by Paul Banks), Tom Gladwin on bass and Alan Leach on drums.

They never received the kind of media attention that bands like Oasis and Blur gained but they did have chart success with 13 top 40 singles and four top 20 albums in the UK.

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles on Shed Seven

Paul Banks believes the lack of attention by the media might explain their enduring success:

"We were never one of those bands that were built up by the press, so they could never knock us back down. It's a great feeling and that's probably why we've still got such loyal fans."

Those fans include Radio 1's Chris Moyles: "They write really good records. It always gets a really good reaction when you play a Shed Seven record on the air."

The band were delighted with the reaction to their 2007 tour. Rick Witter says they couldn't resist planning another tour:

"The reaction to our reunion tour of 2007 was amazing and, after a couple of memorable festival appearances last summer, we couldn't resist the urge to play live together again this year.

"Fans can expect to hear all the singles plus other past favourites that we didn't get the chance to revisit in 2007."

Paul Banks adds that fans won't be disappointed:

"We've been playing again together for two or three years now so we feel a lot tighter, that we have more to offer now.

"You get a ticket to Shed Seven you know what you're going to get, a good night out."

The 18 date tour began in December 2009 with Shed Seven performing in bigger venues and selling more tickets than at any other time in their career.

Due to phenomenal demand, extra gigs in Manchester, London and Leeds have been added. In all they are expecting to perform to around 37,000 people during the tour, confirming their popularity as drummer, Alan Leach explains:

"As a live band we do seem more popular than we were two years ago and it was a surprise how many people turned out to see us. Overall there's going to more people come to see us on this tour."

The band will celebrate their twentieth anniversary in 2010 and, though they've nothing special planned yet, they are all proud that they've stuck together as Tom Gladwin says:

"We've all managed to remain really good friends. It just feels like the same old people but we're just a bit creakier."

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