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Presenter Profile: Annie Weston

Annie Weston

Mmm, where to start? Well, I'm the youngest of five and grew up in Wootton Bassett.

Life was good until I realised my brother Richard was actually trying to murder me on a daily basis.

Incidents ranged from dropping a brick on my head from my Nan's apple tree to polishing the ladder rungs on my bunk bed. It's a wonder I survived but I did.

And now I'm grown up working in radio is lovely, it's a job that doesn't really feel like work which is a bonus.

From organising cow races to bombing around Wiltshire's roads meeting people, I love it all.

And now The Annie Weston Show on Sundays between 1-4pm also keeps me on my toes.

It's a show designed purely to put a big smile on your face while you cook the Sunday roast or put your feet up.

Shocking things I've learnt from the show so far is that Mozart died at the age of 35, rhubarb makes a lovely squeaky noise as it grows and Sir David Attenborough hates board games.

Go on, take a chance and stick me on.

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