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Pregnancy crisis centres for women in Wiltshire
By Mark Jones
BBC Wiltshire

Sycamore leaf logo
The Sycamore Centre is one of the crisis centres in Wiltshire

"We won't ever judge you," that's the message from the Christian-based pregnancy crisis centres in Wiltshire.

There are a number of services offered across the county under the umbrella of Care Confidential.

Although all the staff are Christians, their training means if a woman wants, or has had an abortion, they will offer impartial counselling.

This article will look at two centres - The Sycamore Centre in Devizes, and The Kauri Centre in Chippenham.

Whatever centre women choose, the service is the same - impartial help and advice for anyone facing a crisis linked to being pregnant.

That includes abortion, miscarriage, still birth or even the death of a baby soon after it is born.

Sarah and Claire help run the Kauri centre. Sarah said: "We deal with all sorts of women of all ages, those faced with the difficult decision of abortion or having to cope with the aftermath of that decision.

Kauri centre logo
Kauri Centre also helps women in crisis

"It could be the young school girl who's found out she's pregnant, the mother of two already who doesn't want another child or someone who can't take on that responsibility yet. They all lead to a crisis.

"A lot of women will often go on to have post abortion stress and we can help with that with a 10-part course that helps the woman grieve, or get to that point of closure."

Claire said: "It's very difficult for women to come to us, it takes a lot of courage.

"Often at this point a woman is in a very difficult place in her life and there is very little support around. That's where we can help and the majority of those who come to us are glad they have."

Buried emotions from years ago is another area the centres help with.

A God sent punishment?

Alison, from Devizes, had an abortion years ago when she was in her teens, that was followed a few years afterwards by a miscarriage.

"After my abortion I just got on with life but when I got married and then had a miscarriage I thought God was punishing me."

Later Alison gave birth to a healthy son and now has children and a grandchild of her own but she admits she only managed to deal with what happened earlier in her life after she discovered a pregnancy crisis centre.

Alison now helps run The Sycamore Centre, Devizes.

Sheila also works at the centre: "When we talk about crisis this can affect all family members not just the women involved.

"I've counselled a grandmother who's daughter had an abortion and so she lost a grandchild and she needed to talk about this distress.

"We are here for all."

Details of how you can contact each individual centre is linked to the Care Confidential website .

The central number is 0800 028 2228.

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