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Swindon animation project is helping those who stammer
The Stammurai
The Stammurai animation has helped young people overcome their stammers

A new project in Swindon is helping youngsters overcome their stammers.

Evil Twin Artworks, in conjunction with the Fluency Trust, has been working with young people aged between eight and 16 to create a short animated film.

Entitled The Stammurai, the animation is due to be officially launched at the Empire Cinema (Greenbridge) in Swindon.

James Carroll from Evil Twin Artworks said: "Essentially it was for young people who exclude themselves or are excluded because they can't communicate.

The Stammurai
The Stammurai has conquered all his demons except one, his stammer

"We didn't think we were going to come out of this curing their stammer.

"The aim was that they would actually end-up not really caring about the stammer."

Narrated, voiced and animated by members of the Swindon Speech Fluency group, the short film follows the story of a young Sammurai who has conquered all his demons except one, his stammer.

"We were talking to their parents when it first started and a lot of the kids were in tears because they didn't have the confidence even to turn up," said James.

"But by the end it was the fact that they could stand in front of a mic and everybody wanted to get involved."

The animation sessions also included creating sound effects and recording a soundtrack to accompany the film.

Matthew Kilford was responsible for "putting a microphone in front of the group".

The Stammurai
Stepping out of character helped some to overcome their stammers

"Although they had a stammer we just let them get on with it and do their thing and they were really good," he said.

"And what I found was that the stammers they have are part of them and they make them and their characters a lot more believable."

For the youngsters "stepping out of character" also seemed to help them overcome their stammers.

"When they were acting and performing I think it actually stopped a lot of the stammering as well," added Matthew.

"There was still stammering going on but I think the whole part of the fun of it was just being able to let go."

The Stammurai will be officially launched at the Empire Cinema at Greenbridge in the new year and will be available online at evil.twin.education.

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