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Volunteers in Warminster wanted to spray paint dog poo
Spray painted dog poo
A community group is planning to crackdown on dog fouling by spray painting it

A Warminster community group is looking for volunteers to spray paint dog poo.

The scheme to 'highlight' the problem of dog fouling is being piloted by Warminster Environmental Pride Team (WEPT).

"By spray painting the deposit we're hoping to highlight to dog walkers that this is not acceptable," said Katharine Dew, Warminster Community Area Manager.

"It will be in a bright, eye-catching colour so it should make them very aware."

In a similar scheme, trialled in August, Poole council found spray-painting piles of dogs mess was "reasonably" successful at shocking dog owners into picking up their waste.

Most dog walkers - put their dog's deposits in the bin but some don't and won't and it's those people we want to target.
Katharine Dew, Warminster Community Area Manager

WEPT is hoping it will prove as successful in tackling Warminster's trouble spots including the Town Park, Portway fields and Warminster Common.

"Warminster is no worse than any other area," said Ms Dew. "Most dog walkers are responsible and put their dog's deposits in the bin.

"But some don't and won't and it's those people we want to target."

Along with a can of spray paint, volunteers signing up for the pilot scheme will take to the streets with spare dog poo bags and information leaflets to offer to "people who don't pick up."

"Most people know what they're supposed to do," said Ms Dee, "and chose to ignore it.

"So volunteers will be able to offer a bag and information of where it can be thrown away.

"And with the spray paint they'll be able to make a point that they know it's there and it's not OK."

For more information or to get involved, contact Katharine Dew, Warminster Community Area Manager, on 01722 434344.

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