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Swindon Borough Council Election results 2010

In Swindon, 19 of the Council's 59 seats were up for election and despite Labour taking Parks away from the Conservatives, the Tories still came away with a workable majority of 41 seats.

Of the 19 seats, the Conservatives took 13, Labour four and the Liberal Democrats two.

Following his re-election, as leader of the council, Rod Bluh said he was looking forward to working with the two new Conservative MPs in the Town: "We do need to work with our MPs. There's lots of things we need to do in this town.

"We're in very difficult times and it's going to be so much easier with people that we can easily work with - without any political agendas getting in the way. So it can only be good, I believe, for Swindon as a whole. But it's about working together."

we're going to have Conservative councillors who will no longer be able to whinge and blame the local MPs when things go wrong.
Labour Councillor David Small

The only other seat to change hands was Penhill which went from Independent to Liberal Democrat.

For Labour Councillor David Small, who retained his seat for Western, having two MPs and the majority in the council - the pressure was now on the Conservatives:

"I think the most interesting thing is we're going to have Conservative councillors who will no longer be able to whinge and blame the local MPs when things go wrong. And they've got to stand up and be counted for their own actions.

"Too often they've blamed the Labour government or blamed the Labour MPs when really it's always been their decision. It's been their council that's made the mistakes or made cuts. So they've got nowhere to hide now and I think the people of Swindon will see that."

Swindon Borough Council Elections - Results 2010

Abbey Meads

HEATON-JONES, Peter The Conservative Party Candidate 4377 Elected
RABBANI, Asif Shajahan The Labour Party Candidate 1578
SMITH, Catherine Rachel Liberal Democrat 1722
VAUGHAN, Rhian Katherine UK Independence Party 256


DART, Gloria Doreen The Conservative Party Candidate 1246
MIAH, Jamal The Labour Party Candidate 291
MORTIMER, Joan Liberal Democrat 338
PATRICK, Mark UK Independence Party 124


CHADFIELD, Stephen Robert The Green Party 136
COX, David Independent 84
EVANS, Karsten Independent 60
LEAKEY, Kevin Edward Charles The Conservative Party Candidate 1155
SPENCER, Kathryn Louise Liberal Democrat 673
WRIGHT, Robert Stanley The Labour Party Candidate 2357 Elected

Covingham and Nythe

ALLEN, Corinna Christine UK Independence Party 409
HURLEY, Richard James The Conservative Party Candidate 2228 Elected
MILLIN, Jennifer The Labour Party Candidate 1548
WARD, Christopher Liberal Democrat 824


BLUH, Roderick The Conservative Party Candidate 1858 Elected
BUSH, Sarah Jean The Labour Party Candidate 1398
HIETT, Roger James British National Party 222
HOOPER, Clive James Liberal Democrat 634
MILES, David Christopher The Green Party 81
SHEPPARD, Robert William UK Independence Party 293


BUTT, Valerie Anne The Conservative Party Candidate 1084
GULAM, Mustofa The Labour Party Candidate 1207
HUGHES, John Valentine Green Party 237
WOOD, Dave Liberal Democrat Focus Team 2139 Elected

Freshbrook and Grange Park

BRAY, Michael Philip The Conservative Party Candidate 2257 Elected~
RHODES, Matthew David The Labour Party Candidate 1330
TEAGUE, Heidi Rita Liberal Democrat 1290

Gorse Hill and Pinehurst

FAIRBROTHER, Jaki Dawn The Conservative Party Candidate 1034
FREEMAN, Brian David British National Party 342
OCKLEY, Tracy Jane Liberal Democrat 707
RUSSELL, Rochelle Ellen The Labour Party Candidate 1597 Elected

Haydon Wick

FELSTEAD, Joanna The Labour Party Candidate 1409
PIKE, Stephen John Liberal Democrat 1033
RENARD, David Charles The Conservative Party Candidate 2681 Elected
TINGEY, Robin Howard UK Independence Party 265


BEAUMONT, Phillip Henry Raymond The Labour Party Candidate 1301
DAY, Andrew Donald The Green Party 222
SHORT, John Fairlamb The Conservative Party Candidate 2235 Elected
SHORTEN, Jennifer Ann Liberal Democrat 974


CATON, Maureen Kathleen The Labour Party Candidate 1485
FOWLER, Steven David British National Party 310
ING, George Lewis Liberal Democrat 792
WREN, David William The Conservative Party Candidate 1679 Elected

Old Town and Lawn

BURNHAM, Shirley Elizabeth Liberal Democrats 1510
GARDNER, Noel Frank UK Independence Party 231
GRANT, Meryl Joy The Green Party 278
MATTHEWS, Cindy The Labour Party Candidate 1206
MATTOCK, Brian Peter The Conservative Party Candidate 3144 Elected


BATES, Reginald John British National Party 258
CHERRY, Graham Charles The Conservative Party Candidate 996
DEMPSEY, Mark Edward The Labour Party Candidate 1587 Elected
HAYWARD, Terence UK Independence Party 242
MCCARTHY, Kathleen Mary Liberal Democrat 539
MILES, Jennifer Anne The Green Party 62


BAKER, Laura Eileen The Labour Party Candidate 782
CARTER, Emma Katharine The Conservative Party Candidate 444
HARRISON, Andrew John Liberal Democrat Focus Team 898
MORRIS, Raymond George British National Party 152

Shaw and Nine Elms

FARR, James Ellrington Liberal Democrat 1142
HEAVENS, Carol Evelyn The Labour Party Candidate 1072
WILLIAMS, Keith Robert The Conservative Party Candidate 2622 Elected

St Margaret

CHALK, Nigel Peter The Labour Party Candidate 1577
EDWARDS, Mark Anthony The Conservative Party Candidate 2522 Elected
JAMES, Lloyd Desmond Liberal Democrat 1194

St Philip

HEENAN, Janet Angela The Conservative Party Candidate 2013 Elected
RICHARDS, Ann Dalrymple Liberal Democrat 893
TRAY, Joseph William The Labour Party Candidate 1962


HUNT, Glyn Warren British National Party 437
MICHAEL, Samantha Anne The Conservative Party Candidate 1619
SHEPHERD, Christopher Robert Liberal Democrat 911
SMALL, Kevin David The Labour Party Candidate 2275 Elected

Wroughton and Chiseldon

GODMAN, Victor Frank Liberal Democrat 1366
PARSONS, Sandra Elizabeth The Labour Party Candidate 1440
SHAW, Eric The Conservative Party Candidate 3054 Elected

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