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General election 2010: Wiltshire decides

Wiltshire constituency map
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A total of 460,000 people are eligible to vote in Wiltshire, and approximately one-fifth of the electorate will be voting in a different constituency this time around compared to 2005.

The Boundary Commission has decided to create one new constituency, Chippenham, to add to the existing list of six: Devizes, North Wiltshire, Salisbury, Swindon North, Swindon South and South West Wiltshire (part of the former Westbury seat). This is to even out the number of voters in each constituency.

You may be voting in a different seat, however it's likely you'll cast your vote in exactly the same polling station you've used before.

Find out where you will vote:

How will the boundary changes affect the political make-up of Wiltshire?

At the last election both Swindon seats returned Labour politicians, while the four county seats voted for Conservative MPs. Experts say if voters in the new Chippenham seat voted in the same way as they did in 2005, they would have elected a Liberal Democrat MP.

The Electoral Commission says if you want to vote, make sure nothing stops you. They're urging everyone to check they're on the electoral register.

Adrian Green, the Commission's Regional Manager for London and the South West says: "Our research suggests there may be people planning to vote who won't be able to unless they act now.

"Registering to vote with your local council takes just a few minutes."


Even if you've been registered to vote in the past, you may need to check you still are.

John Watling from Wiltshire Council: "Good practice recommends deleting any electors if a canvass form has not been returned from their property for two consecutive years, and this is now enshrined in law.

"It is likely that this rule will have resulted in people being removed from the register, although we have written to all of them to explain this and invite fresh registrations.

"Many have duly responded, but not all."

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