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My life as Swindon's Diana Dors
By Naomi Polley
The UK's only Diana Dors lookalike

Diana Dors lookalike Naomi Polley
Naomi is 21-years-old and lives in Sunderland

I am the only Diana Dors lookalike in the UK and have been working as Diana's lookalike for the past two years, although I did get told from a young age that I looked a lot like her.

Friends and family members used to comment on how much I really looked like Diana, and from the age of 16 onwards, people have always stopped me in the street and told me.

In my hometown of Sunderland, everyone knows me as Diana not Naomi. So I'm used to it when people say 'hi Diana', it's good! I'm honoured.

Although I was born four years after she died in 1984, I have always known about Diana Dors and over the years have read many books about her and seen most of her films.

Since working as a Diana Dors lookalike, I feel so honoured as Diana is my idol. I have a passion for my lookalike work and this is something that I will carry on for as long as possible, with the utmost respect for Diana and her family.

Last year I visited Diana's hometown of Swindon, this was my first visit and people stopped me everywhere in town commenting on my resemblance to Diana. I was very nervous of what the public might think of me, but I had a lot of attention in the town centre.

I was happy to let people take my photos. It was like I was famous and people were so shocked to see me as Diana.

The local newspaper made a big deal out of my visit and took my photo at the statue of Diana Dors which stands at the Shaw Ridge Leisure Centre. I was over the moon!

Diana Dors lookalike Naomi Polley
Naomi met Mayor David Wren at the Queens Park Family Fun Day in 2009

This year I visited Swindon once again to attend the Queens Park 'Family Fun Day' I met the Mayor of Swindon and won the 'Diana Dors lookalike' competition. Again I was very nervous but I had such a great day. Everyone was so nice and lovely to me.

I walked around the park with my long blue dress on, and knowing that Diana Dors once walked in the same park made me feel all funny and I got goose bumps all over my body! I did not want the day to end.

I met people that knew Diana and her mother and father, and it was kind of an honour to talk to them.

Next year I'm back to do it all again, I think I may be singing on stage this time! I don't mind doing this or any event in Swindon for free as it's her home town and the public love her, and I love Swindon.

I have also been to visit Diana's grave in Sunningdale in Berkshire, near where she lived, and left white pearls and flowers at the tree by her grave. Every time I go back the pearls are still there. I think it's amazing in today's world that they haven't been stolen.

I wanted to visit her grave to leave my personal respects. Whilst I was there I talked on the radio in Ascot about visiting Diana's grave, and was also interviewed for the Maidenhead Advertiser newspaper.

Diana Dors lookalike Naomi Polley
Naomi visted Diana's grave in Berkshire to pay her respects to her idol

In terms of the type of promotional engagements I get to do as a Diana Dors lookalike, a number are gay wedding appearances, as Diana was such a massive gay icon.

So it's always a great laugh doing them as they are so over the top about things. The last gay wedding I did I turned up in a pink Cadillac!

Possibly the most high-profile event I was booked for was the BBC Comic Relief 'Let's Dance' show earlier this year. It was presented by Suggs and Zoe Ball. I had my photo taken alongside a Marilyn Monroe and a Buddy Holly lookalike.

After looking at the photos I noticed three big white orbs above our heads. I found that slightly unnerving as the real Diana, Buddy and Marilyn all once graced the hall in which we were standing.

I love my lookalike work and I'm very honoured to look like Diana. She is my idol, and I love her.
Naomi Polley

The live TV show went really well. I loved being in front of the cameras, it felt like I was a star.

I do speak to Diana's sons, Jason Lake and Garry and Mark Dawson from time to time. They know all about me and are shocked at how much I look like their mother. The are really nice and very friendly and I do hope to meet them one day.

In 2010 I have much more work lined up and I'm in the process of getting a new website developed and am talking to new management. In photos that I'm having taken in the new year, I hope to be wearing some of the same dresses that Diana herself once wore.

I love my lookalike work and again I'm much honoured to look like Diana. She was a well-known respected woman in this country and she has millions of fans that will forever keep her name alive. She is my idol, and I love her.

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