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Coldest inhabited spot in Wiltshire
Temperature gauge
With a temperature of -7C Yatesbury was the coldest inhabited spot in Wiltshire on Sunday

On Sunday, Yatesbury near Calne, was the coldest inhabited spot in Wiltshire according to Points West weatherman Richard Angwin.

An air temperature of -7°C and a ground temperature of -13°C were both recorded in the village by local amateur meteorologist Roger Partridge.

Mr Partridge has been recording the weather from his garden weather station in Yatesbury since 1979.

He said Monday was even colder: "Yesterday it was -7.2°C and -12°C on the ground.

"But looking through every November going right back to 1980, it is still only about the fourth coldest November at the moment."

Monday was however the coldest it's ever been in November over the last 20 years.

The village has also remained below freezing continuously for the last 91 hours.

"We have a little mini-climate all of our own," Mr Partridge explained.

Lowest November readings for Minimum Temperature since 1980
-7.2 29/11/2010
-7.1 26/11/1989
-7.1 23/11/1993
-6.8 21/11/1983
-6.8 18/11/2005
-6.8 20/11/2005

"We're at 650 feet and the Cherhill Downs are another 200 plus above us to the south, and so really we're acting as a frost pocket.

"We get frost when nobody else does."

Spring flowers, it's reported, open two weeks later in Yatesbury and Mr Partridge says that the village can be up to six degrees colder then nearby Calne at this time of year.

"There is a drop of three degrees between Calne town centre and driving up the hill to the Yatesbury turn-off.

"Then there is another degree dropped as you approach the village and usually another couple after that.

"It's taken me 30 years to show that it's not dodgy thermometers - that there is a "Yatesbury Hole" in the sky that accounts for its low temperatures."

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