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Page last updated at 13:24 GMT, Thursday, 12 November 2009
Lumiere bringing light to Durham
Lumiere light show
The night skies over the city will be the backdrop to a fantastic art show

International visual artists are gearing up to illuminate Durham city as part of a winter festival.

"Lumiere" is created by Artichoke, the events company behind Liverpool's giant spider, London's Sultan's Elephant and the Fourth Plinth project.

The organisers say that the festival will fuse together the "ancient and modern" using "sight, sound and movement" at specific city sites.

Lumiere runs from 12 to 15 November and will make light of the Durham skyline.

This is your chance to see the River Wear's riverbanks, weirs and bridges, as they're lit up for a 1km walk - beginning at Pennyferry Bridge.

A number of key city buildings will also be the backdrop to this unique art form.

The organisers, Artichoke, a registered charity, creates unique art works with some of the most creative minds in the industry.

Their ethos is that the arts should "not take place only behind the closed doors of theatres and art galleries". So they put on shows that "invade public places" - Durham will be their showcase for these four evenings.

Durahm Cathedral Lumiere show

The organisers will be using a number of Durham's iconic buildings for the Lumiere show.

The light spectaculars include:

Lindisfarne Light

The main attraction - the Lindisfarne Gospels exhibition "Crown of Light".

The perfect setting of Durham Cathedral will be transformed into a giant canvas with images from the Gospels being projected across the entire 100m span of the Cathedral over four nights.

Art from inside

The inmates of Durham Prison have been busy too, with their "Nine Men Drawing" - a collaboration with artist Ron Haselden.

Members of the prison art class were invited to produce a drawing which the artist then faithfully recreated in low-voltage LED light.

This particular work of light-art will be installed in the college behind Durham Cathedral.

Botanical magic

The work of illuminating art company, Power Plant, has transformed Botanic Gardens into a nocturnal trail of sound and light, a perfect blend of old and new technology.

French visitors

You can follow mysterious white stilted figures around the city streets as they perform the magical show "Herbert's Dream".

There is a also a one-off performance by French theatrical magicians, La Salamandre. The parade which will wander through the old streets of Durham, uses fire and flame effects to light the way. Mind how you go!

Could it be you?

Woman with flame torches
Flames of light will be through the streets of the city

Durham-based photographer Steven Landles has taken photographs of over 100 local people whose images will be projected onto the buildings of the Market Place, accompanied by an audio soundtrack of the city's life created by Newcastle-based sound engineer John Howes.

It could be you on the walls!

The specially commissioned piece entitled "A Place For People", will explore the characters that give the city its identity and create a portrait of a vibrant, living place.

Get involved

You will be able to get hands on in workshops that'll be taking place at Clayport Library. Visitors can make their own installations which will be used for the Bottle Festoon display.

Anyone wishing to take part in the workshop, should bring a clean white or green plastic bottle.

You can get full details on the events and how you can be part of it all from the Lumiere website here:


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