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Page last updated at 16:48 GMT, Tuesday, 22 March 2011
Durham Avon lady woman goes from rags to riches
Jeanette Coulson
Jeanette has gone from a 60k debts to being able to buy a convertible

A County Durham woman who had debts of £60,000 has turned her life around to make a turnover of £1 million in just three years.

In 2008 Jeanette Coulson's future was bleak - crippling debts left her facing living off just £30 a month.

The 32-year-old from Stanley made the decision to become an Avon lady in the hopes of raising extra money outside of her full time job.

Now she is planning her dream wedding and has bought her own BMW convertible.

Before making her fortune Jeanette was working as a complaints manager for a telecommunications company.

Faced with increasing debt, she decided to become a rep, selling the cosmetics company's catalogues part time in her local area and to her family and friends.

Personality matters

Knowing paying off her £60k debts wasn't going to be easy, Jeanette left her day job and focused on selling make-up and beauty products full time.

She said: "I thought, how on earth am I going to get out of this situation?

Jeanette Coulson and her fiance Kevin Stewart
Jeanette and fiance Kevin are tying the knot at Lumley Castle

"I think my personality went a long way, obviously my mam used to buy Avon.

"I do have a lot of friends and family that are female.

"I thought, this is dead easy putting a few books out, getting orders in and I thought there's another £50 for myself, I can have a night out now and that was it, off I went."

From starting as a seller she's now a 'sales leader' with over 900 people in her team, 150 customers and a salary of about £60,000.

In just over a year she has paid off the majority of her debt, redecorated her whole house and is planning her dream wedding at Lumley Castle.

She said: "I've never actually been in sales and obviously I joined Avon and started as a rep and the leadership side of it and I honestly absolutely love going out and meeting people.

"Totally love it, absolutely brilliant."



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