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Page last updated at 15:10 GMT, Thursday, 17 February 2011
Durham students asked not to "brush off" Jesus Christ
Thomas Welch
Thomas Welch
Rescued Week DICCU Committee chairman

DICCU Rescued? Week logo
DICCU are used to the question: "Why does God allow suffering?"

For the 21st century student generation secularism, materialism and plain apathy dominate attitudes to the figure of Jesus Christ.

Is he still relevant? Christian students around the country believe he is, and the same holds true in Durham University.

This week the Durham Christian Union (DICCU) has been organising a series of events entitled "Rescued?"

They've aimed to introduce students to the central claims of Christianity.

Every lunchtime the Reverend Andrew Sach from St. Helen's Bishopsgate Church has been offering a biblical perspective on common questions and objections to the Christian faith, such as: "How can a loving God allow suffering?" and "How can God and science fit together?"

In addition to this, in the evenings the Reverend Rico Tice from All Souls Langham Place Church has been presenting the person of Jesus Christ in a five-talk exposition of Mark's Gospel.

Accompanied by a publicity campaign including red hoodies placarding the "Rescued?" brand, the aim of the week is explicitly and unashamedly to encourage students to make a response to the Christian message.

In claiming that he was the Son of God and the only way to enter a relationship with God, the historical figure of Jesus Christ made himself impossible to brush off without sincere consideration.

Biblical evidence

Durham Christian Union meeting
DICCU hold regular discussions on Christianity and faith

In Durham, a town with a rich religious heritage, increasing numbers of students arrive with half-formed and mistaken impressions of Christianity.

"Rescued?" week aimed to address this by giving students the opportunity to engage with Jesus' claims in the bible for themselves, and to conclude, whether positively or negatively, on the basis of the biblical evidence.

The Christian Union runs a week like this every year. It always provokes a range of reactions among the student community.

Whereas many value the chance to hear Christianity explained on its own terms, and some choose to profess faith, others express dissatisfaction at the perceived one-sidedness of the events, and suggest that the Christian Union forcibly pushes its views on students.

In reality, the events present the Christian worldview, and leave it up to the individual to decide.

The Christian Union exists to make the message of Jesus known to students in as open and accessible a way as possible and we hope that, through "Rescued?", as many Durham students as possible will make a reasoned response to Jesus' identity, mission and call.

Durham students good without God?
17 Feb 11 |  Wear



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