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Tyne & Wear Metro - The Musical
Tyne and Wear Metro sign
Like a welcoming beacon in the night, showing the way home

Ian from Durham uses the Tyne & Wear Metro once a year for the Great North Run, packed in like a sardine and wearing tin foil, but loving it.

Big Les knows all too well the bother of getting onto the wrong train going in the wrong direction.

Jon has resorted to the Metro to keep his children entertained.

Other parents might be familiar with his route - Metro to South Shields, ferry across the river, Metro home from North Shields.

BBC Newcastle has collated your stories and will be making a short musical to celebrate 30 years of the Tyne and Wear Metro.

Join our official Facebook page to keep up-to-date on how the project unfolds: Facebook.com/bbcmusical

Open auditions

If you want to get involved and can hold a note or two, we're looking for singers to take part in our song and appear in the music video.

BBC Newcastle is holding open auditions at:

The Bridges Shopping Centre in Sunderland - Saturday, 4 December.

Eldon Garden Shopping Centre in Newcastle - Sunday, 5 December.

Not waving but train spotting

Claire got told off at school when another passenger complained she and her friend had been hogging a "fourer".

Maybe you too have had the slightly eerie experience of sitting in an otherwise empty carriage but perhaps not, like Claire, dancing and singing because snow meant no school.

Older now, Claire still likes to wave and see how many people on the platform wave back.

Four Lane Ends Metro station, December 1980
Look at the cars - doesn't it take you back?

When Kevin first came to the region for an interview the company offered him a taxi to Newcastle's Central Station.

He says: "They were mystified by my request to be dropped at a Metro station instead and seemed little wiser when I explained that I'd read about this mass light rail rapid transport system and wanted to try it for myself."

It didn't put them off offering him the job.

Colourful carriages

Catherine remembers sitting with her 12-year-old twins: "Opposite a woman who was talking calmly but loudly on her mobile, making liberal use of a very rude word.

"Once she got off one of my girls turned to the other and said 'What do you suppose she says when she is really angry?'"

Jeff is a regular user: "I have happy memories of ferrying my daughter to school - the older she got, the further away she wanted to be from me!

"I still remember the traumatic day we let her go on her own for the first time, watching the train disappear into the distance…"

Another Jeff had a familiar experience, getting wedged between a couple arguing all the way home. He wished them good luck as he got off.

Matt loves the Metro: "All sprawling tracks and colourful carriages.

"First time I ever saw the Metro was on an episode of Byker Grove, when one of the characters hitched a ride on the back of one - it made me intrigued about this strange little train."

All singing, all dancing

Entrance to Eldon Square in Newcastle upon Tyne, November 1982
In 1982 the iconic black M on yellow background was becoming familiar

BBC Newcastle has an ambitious plan; so ambitious it's expected to take about six months.

With the help of radio listeners, TV viewers and users of the websites the station is commissioning a musical to mark the 30th anniversary of this local, and iconic, light railway system.

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