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Profile: Kathy Secker

Kathy Secker
Kathy Secker has presented the dedications show since 1994

Kathy Secker plays your dedications and requests every Sunday afternoon from 2pm on BBC Newcastle.


Place of birth:


Favourite view in the north-east of England?

Bamburgh, Lindisfarne and our beautiful Northumberland coastline.

Best thing about working in radio?

I can leave the make up at home.

First record you bought?

Voice in the Wilderness by Cliff Richard.

Previous jobs?

Lots! Secretary to an ear, nose and throat specialist and I spent a few years as a bank clerk.

Then I was a fashion model which led to TV commercials and then becoming a TV presenter.

Happy memories?

I only remember the good things, like getting to interview people I'd admired from afar and finding they were just as nice in "real life". Joanna Lumley was an absolute darling.

Another good memory was working with director Nick Roeg, shooting a TV commercial in Paris - what style!

Most interesting person you've interviewed for radio?

Kate O'Mara - feisty and absolutely delicious.

Who you would most enjoy being stuck in a lift with?

Mel Gibson (for obvious reasons!)

Favourite party game?

Opening the champagne.

Proudest achievement?

My children.

Where do you go for quiet moments?


Any bad habits?

Being late.


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