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Snow: School closures and useful info

School closure sign
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The following schools in Northumberland, Tyneside, Wearside and County Durham have notified BBC Newcastle that they are closed - Friday 3 December.

You can do a quick search of this page by holding down the Ctrl key, then pressing the F key. This opens up a window.

Type a keyword into the Find area, then click on Next - this will locate your word, if it is listed, on the page.

Tip: Don't be too specific with your keyword. For Felton C of E First School, a search for 'Felton' is sufficient.

There are more school closures on the BBC Tees website.

(Please note: There may be some schools that have closed that have not contacted BBC Newcastle.)

Keep an eye on the local council websites by clicking the links on the right hand side of this page.

Tune in to BBC Newcastle on 95.4FM or DAB for the very latest news, weather, and travel information.

Or listen online via the BBC iPlayer.

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