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Remembering Sir Bobby Robson
Sir Bobby Robson at St James' Park in 2008
Sir Bobby had a special place in the hearts of many Newcastle United fans

Sir Bobby Robson, one of the north-east of England's favourite sons, died on 31 July 2009 at the age of 76, following a long battle with cancer.

The son of a County Durham miner, his football career spanned more than half a century.

He made 20 appearances for England and his management posts included Fulham, Ipswich Town, England, Barcelona and Newcastle United.

He also received a string of honours over the years including a knighthood.

Robson will be best remembered on the international stage for leading England to the 1990 World Cup semi-final.

But, on Tyneside it is his time at the helm of Newcastle United that will remain to the fore of fans' minds.

Young boy laying tribute to Sir Bobby Robson
Newcastle United opened St James' Park for people to lay tributes

Thousands of people paid their respects to his memory by leaving tributes of flowers, T-shirts, scarves and other mementos at St James' Park.

Many also sent their thoughts and memories of Sir Bobby to BBC Newcastle and you can read a selection of their comments below.

You can also see features, photos and videos looking back over Sir Bobby's life and career by using the links on the right.

A selection of your comments:

Clive Chattin

I had trials with Fulham in 1952; i stayed with Eddie Lowe (then Fulham Captain); he introduced me to Bobby Robson, Bedford Jezzard, Johnny Haynes, Jimmy Hill, Dave Bewley, Ian Black nad many more. Bobby Robson was 19 years old then and I can honestly say he was one of footballs finest, a gentleman who had respect and time for all who met him; I'm honoured to have met him.

Gerard Delhaye

I spent a few years of my life in the former County Durham and I can say that Sir Bobby was relly a man of integrity and honour. He made the North East area to be better known where he worked. RIP Sir Bobby and your family has the right to be proud of you and everywhere you went you were an amdassador for soccer or footbal.


"No photos" said the man shepherding people to Sir Bobby Robson's book signing. My daughter, who had travelled from London to Newcastle specially for the event was devastated! Sir Bobby took one look at her, another at me with my camera at the ready and promptly jumped up, ushered her round the table, put his arm around her shoulder and gave me the best photo opportunity ever. So typical of so many reminiscences by so many people. Farewell to a Geordie gentleman whose memory will live on through The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation. Sincere condolences to Lady Elsie and family.

lesley stevens

he was a true gentleman with a heart of gold. never said a bad word against anyone will be sadly missed whether you liked football or were a cancer sufferer.

Jeff, Wallsend

A sad day for football. A sad day for the North East. A sad day for everyone. Thanks for some great times Sir Bobby

José, Maureen & Lynsey

Wor Bobby a true gentleman in every sense of the word. Always had time for everyone and anybody. Always had a smile on his face no mater what. You will always be a legend to the toon. RIP Sir Bobby

Gillian Gudgin

Having lost my own father to cancer, my heartfelt sympathy is with you all at this difficult time. Sir Bobby will live on in the hearts of the geordie public forever.

Joan Dunn

He visited the Alnwick Garden one day a year or so ago. I will never forget the look of sheer wonder on the face of the young lad in the car-park, who fetched a wheelchair for Sir Bobby, and who was thanks and shaken by the hand. He said 'I shook hands with Bobby Robson' - he made that lad's day with his genuine warmth and friendliness. What a star!

stephen edgar

Thank you Sir Bobby for leaving me and thousands of others with some fantastic memories, RIP Bobby

Sean from Dubai

Met him at an NSPCC charity do about 3 years ago - he made time for everyone who sidled up to his table asking him to sign shirts. One word - gutted :-( RIP SBR

Dave Edwards

Short and sweet really, I loved the apparent honesty of a sincere gentleman who touched the hearts of the footballing world. I think the gentleman part of that comment sums him up, success never got the better of him!I sincerely wish I lived closer to be part of a wonderful tribute!

Deborah Yorke

Through work, I have had the privilege of meeting Sir Bobby on a few occasions. His warmth and charisma shone throughout, he is a true Gentleman, who will be sadly missed. On our last meeting only weeks ago, he looked frail, but remained his upbeat happy self. He always had time to give me that same infectious Sir Bobby smile that captured mine and my collegues heart from the outset. Goodnight God Bless x

Len Lear

A true gentleman, one of the best football coaches in the world and we miss him here in Canada. I am truly downhearted and saddened at his passing. Yes, a good number of us have had tears in our eyes when we found out.


First off all we must not forget that Sir Bobby has a family and the deepest sympathy to them at this very sad time. What more can be said about the greatest football personality of our lieftime but, Thank you so much and Rest In Peace Sir Bobby Robson.


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