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Page last updated at 17:15 GMT, Monday, 16 November 2009
BBC Introducing: Brilliant Mind

By Toby Rogers
BBC Tyne contributor

Brilliant Mind at Oxjam. Photo: Dave Wala
Front man Calum Lynn says he's inspired by the North East

"It sounds daft, but I find the places around where I live quite inspiring, in a boring way I suppose," reveals bookish Brilliant Mind front man Calum Lynn.

"I live in Whitley Bay and I really love this area - the old railway lines and the semi-rural roads a bit further north near Bedlington and Seaton Delaval, and the slightly mysterious freight lines that run up towards Ashington.

"All the songs are set around here."

Born from the ashes of NME-approved twee-poppers New Vinyls, Brilliant Mind have emerged as a leaner, more focused outfit.

"I had grown very tired of New Vinyls," Lynn explains. "And I think that everyone outside of the band had too.

"Most people seemed to think of us as a slightly daft pop band who had once toured with The Maccabees but weren't really up to much anymore.

Brilliant Mind. Photo: Jazzy Lemon
The band co-headlined North East Beat Unsigned

"We'd been dismissed really, so it was time to move on."

New sound

Allowing Lynn to re-embrace his creativity, Brilliant Mind have firmly established themselves among the North East's leftfield elite.

"When we started, we decided that we didn't want to try and create a 'new' sound," he says.

"I think that's a very unhealthy ambition for a band, something like that can only come with time, unless you're very lucky, which we're not.

"When we were still New Vinyls, I became very aware that I was only writing dull indie-pop tunes," he continues.

"So I stopped writing songs altogether and tried to make us go down a rather misguided 70s disco-fusion route in a very contrived effort to do something different - much to the horror of the rest of the band.

"Eventually, I realised that perhaps our songs were good enough to stand out from the crowd without boasting a 'groundbreaking' new sound... and here we are."

Refreshing gig

Brilliant Mind at Oxjam. Photo: Dave Wala
The band were born from the ashes of New Vinyls

The band were chosen to co-headline the music agency Generator's North East Beat Unsigned event at Discovery Museum on 14 November.

Lynn says all the band were really excited to be picked:

"I've been visiting the Discovery Museum since before it was even called that, so pretty much for as long as I can remember.

"I also think that the North East Beat exhibition is brilliant. It feels special to be a part of all that.

"It's refreshing to be playing a gig with other young bands. I think the scene around here is very strong and mostly friendly, and any band, as long as they're good, can fit in."

Toby Rogers is editor of the North East music blog Toonwaves.

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