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Be part of A History of the World
Roman tombstone. Photo: Tyne and Wear Archives and Museums
The Regina tombstone is evidence of immigration 1800 years ago

The British Museum and the BBC are compiling a website of objects that tell the history of the world.

This "digital museum" is part of a year-long project called - fittingly - A History of the World, which will include TV and radio programmes too.

The first 100 objects were hand-picked by the British Museum but they would also like you to add your own items.

It's very simple - all you need is a photo of your object and access to the internet.

What objects?

We are looking for objects that tell us something about a particular time, event or community.

They should be man-made and have a wider historical significance than just a family connection.

For more advice visit the A History of the World website

Upload from home

Full details of how to an image of your object are on the A History of the World website.

Simply click here and follow the instructions.

Find out more about BBC Newcastle's 20 chosen artefacts by clicking on the links below.


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