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DAB: Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Radio
Digital Radio

When will BBC Three Counties Radio be available on DAB Digital Radio?

The Digital Radio Working Group is conducting a review of DAB services across the UK and, as part of that process, the decision has been taken to delay the launch of BBC Three Counties Radio on a digital platform until that review is concluded. We do not yet have an on-air date for our DAB service, as it is not a local decision, but we will publicise the details as and when we get them.

Why can't you start broadcasting on DAB right away ?

By law, the BBC is not permitted to set up DAB transmitters for local radio stations, but we are allowed capacity on the local commercial provider.

I want to listen to BBC Three Counties Radio elsewhere in the country - can I do this with DAB ?

No. Three Counties Radio will only be on local DAB transmitters in Beds, Herts and Bucks only. It won't be carried on local transmitters elsewhere in the country. You can however listen to the live audio stream on the Internet using the 'Listen Live' link on this site.

BBC Three Counties Radio splits its FM broadcasts at weekday breakfast and for some news bulletins - with a separate service from Milton Keynes. Which service would we hear on DAB ?

The local DAB licence covers the whole area and technically the signal can not be split geographically within it; so you will certainly hear the main 3CR service, but our engineers will be investigating whether it will be possible to carry the Milton Keynes-based service in addition.

What about football commentaries?

Football commentaries will be carried on our local DAB Digital radio service when it goes live - but due to current rights restrictions by the football authorities, we are unable to relay most matches online.

What BBC stations are available on DAB digital radio in my area right now and where can I find out more information?

The BBC Digital Website has a postcode checker where you can also find more reception advice.

Can I hear BBC Three Counties Radio via digital television?

No. At the moment, satellite, cable and Freeview do not carry BBC Three Counties Radio.



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