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Presenter profile: DJ Ritu

DJ Ritu

DJ Ritu brings you the best in bhangra from across Beds, Herts and Bucks.

Starsign: Libra with Virgo rising. I never know what to clean first..

Born 'n' bred: Londoner through and through with Indian origins

Last job: Um...well I've done BBC Asian Network, World Service, Kiss 100, but perhaps my most useful 'last job' was selling loft-insulation door-to-door

Football team: No interest in footie now but as a a kid I used to read 'Shoot' magazine and fancied Liverpool

I wouldn't be working here if it wasn't for: The chance to play exactly what I want to!

Most interesting fact about you: I don't think there is one?!

Most annoying trait: Oh, too many to list! Being a 'worrier' certainly annoys ME but I don't know whether other people are bothered by that.

Claim to fame (other than being on Three Counties Radio): I won a colour TV while waitressing at Pizza Hut in The Strand for selling the most Large and Medium Deep-Pan Super-Supremes.

Most embarrassing moment (not on air): I was with friends in Pizza Express in Islington. Once we ordered the food I was so hungry that I accidentally drooled on the table.

Most embarrassing on air incident: Telling top bhangra band B21 to have 'continued 'sex'. I'd meant to say 'SUCCess'...

Proudest moment: My parents came to see my band Sister India doing a show at Queen Elizabeth Hall. It was packed, in fact tickets sold out weeks before, and, we had the the seated crowd raving in the aisles! My dad was well proud of me and said so afterwards.

Weirdest place you spent the night: It was a gig in Dublin where a new agent booked me into a youth-hostel. To my horror I found that I was sharing a bunk-bed dormitory with 12 other DJs, all blokes, who I didn't know.. Needless to say that agent got sacked.

First record bought: 'Darlin' by David Cassidy on 45" vinyl

My first car: A Toyota MR2 - red

My favourite place in Beds, Herts and Bucks: Whipsnade Zoo!

Desert island luxury: Don't talk to me about desert Islands... When in the Maldives, I got sunstroke resulting in confinement to a cockroach- ridden hut for 9 days suffering hallucinations, was bitten to near death by mosquitos, and nearly got hit on the head by a flying coconut. I paid £2000 for the privilege..

My hero: Meera Syal.

Favourite item in my wardrobe: A leather jacket I had tailored in Camden.

If I wasn't at BBC Three Counties Radio I'd be: Unemployed

My dream co-presenter would be: Terry Wogan or Jonathan Ross

Realised I was getting old when: I still don't feel old!

Useful tip: Always teach your dog how to open all the locks on your backdoor from the inside to avoid her locking you out for 5 hours in the pouring rain..


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