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Selin lands starring role in BBC TV drama Land Girls
Selin Hizli as Connie Carter in Land Girls
Selin Hizli as Connie Carter in Land Girls

The acting career of a Hertfordshire girl has got off to a great start.

In her first job after leaving drama school, Selin Hizli from Flamstead secured one of the lead roles in the second series of BBC TV's Land Girls.

The 21-year-old plays Connie Carter in the drama about the lives of four members of the Women's Land Army during the Second World War.

Selin graduated from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in July 2010 and filmed the series straight away.

She told BBC Three Counties how excited she was to get the part.

"I was ecstatic" she said.

"I went for the audition and I found out a couple of days later that I'd got it and I just couldn't believe it! I'd only recently signed with my agent as well so it kind of all happened at once.

"I remember saying to myself, 'I could definitely do this but if I don't get it, then it's a learning curve'. You prepare yourself for the worst which isn't great, but there are so many people who want to be actors - but then I got the phone call!

"Being at drama school for three years, you get comfortable and then you get to the home stretch and realise you've got to make a living out of this.

"So it was a huge relief but also hugely exciting. For so long I've said 'hopefully I want to do this' but now I actually am doing it which is really fun and I feel very grateful."


Land Girls is set against the backdrop of war weary Forties Britain and tells the stories of four members of the Women's Land Army (WLA).

The WLA was a civilian organisation created during the First and Second World Wars to work in agriculture replacing men called up to the military. It operated to place women at farms which needed workers.

Selin said that the series highlights quite an unrecognised part of the Second World War and also shows how people got on with their lives.

"It focuses on how hard they worked and how difficult it was for some of these women to be away from home" she explained.

"It was common for girls to suddenly be uprooted from what they were used to and taken completely out of their comfort zone."

The young actress researched their work as part of her preparation for the role and explained what an important job they did.

"The work that they did was absolutely vital" she said.

"They kept the country going, they kept food on people's tables and also made sure that the farms were in a fit state for the men to come back to."


She also revealed how important is was to do this kind of research before embarking on filming.

"With stuff like this you have to do some [research] because it's a period of history that's in living memory" she said.

Selin Hizli (far left) as Connie Carter in Land Girls
Selin Hizli (far left) as Connie Carter in Land Girls

"My character Connie mentions that her road in Stepney had been bombed and levelled practically so it is important to know what was going on and what your feelings would have been.

"There are a lot of people who will relate to it so you don't want to go in blind."

Winning a part in Land Girls isn't the first time that Selin, who attended Roundwood Park School in Harpenden and The Brits School in Croydon, has beaten off stiff competition.

In 2007, she was one of just 34 people to be accepted at RADA to do a three-year acting degree, following a gruelling four-stage application process.

She knows that she was lucky to get such a good role straight from college and has an open mind about the future - as long as she's acting.

"At the moment I just want to keep working, keep positive and hopefully get a good reputation" she said.

"I see it as hopefully long term and not a flash in the pan. I've been working towards it for so long that I want to see it through as a career."

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