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Hertfordshire golfer hits two holes in one
John Blackburn on the course at Brookmans Park
John Blackburn on the course at Brookmans Park

A golfer from Potters Bar has hit two holes in one in the same round, beating odds of 67 million to 1.

John Blackburn was playing at Brookmans Park Golf Club in Hertfordshire on Wednesday 13 October when he sank the two shots.

John, whose handicap is 16, explained what happened.

"I was just playing a normal game and came to the fourth hole, hit the shot and it went in the hole" he said.

"I didn't see it actually go in the hole, but people on the tee behind all saw it and cheered.

"I went on and played the 5th and the 6th hole and on the 6th I got another hole in one and I saw that one go in."

John is a member at the Brookmans Park club and plays there around three times a week. He has had a hole in one at the club once before, seven years ago, but said that even though he knows the course well, getting a hole in one is really just down to luck.

"It's nice to have a hole in one but obviously it's a certain amount of good fortune" he said.

"But I just can't believe it - it's that high odds [to get two]."

In line with golfing tradition, the drinks were on John after his amazing feat.

"I was a few bob down" he said, "But I didn't mind, I was just pleased to get two holes in one.

"I bought quite a few drinks and a couple of bottles of Scotch and everybody had a good time in the club house afterwards.

It's nice to have a hole in one but obviously it's a certain amount of good fortune.
John Blackburn

"I've played a few times since and everybody's asked me if I've got any more holes in one but I'm afraid I haven't!"

Fellow club member Bill Belger, who was playing with John at the time, said that he didn't think it was just down to luck.

"It's difficult for me to say this to John" he said, "but they were both good shots. It wasn't lucky!

"Three or four guys saw it, we were all witness to it, but the good thing about it was, while a hole in one is obviously a bit lucky, they were good shots, two good strikes of the ball and straight into the hole, no problems!"

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