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University of Hertfordshire tests Germ Genie cleaner
Computer keyboard
Keyboards can harbour many germs

The University of Hertfordshire has been testing a new tool to keep your computer keyboard clean.

Scientists have been working with a UV light which cleans the keyboard, after use, killing off infections.

Tests results on E.Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus and Bacillus Subtillis, reveal that the tool kills 99% of germs across most of the keyboard in two minutes.

Germ Genie, developed by Falcon Innovations will be introduced at the Total Workplace Management show.

It will also be at the Hospital Infection Society Conference in Liverpool on from 11 October.

UV light

It works by sensing finger movement on the computer keyboard, and after the user has finished it sanitises the keyboard with UV light.

This treatment leaves the keyboard ready for the next user so they will not pick up microbes, that can pose a risk of passing on infections like Flu, MRSA and E.Coli.

Unlike other solutions, it will sanitise the keyboard many times each day, at exactly the times it is needed, after each user.

Director of Biodet laboratories at the university, Richard Smith, said: "The science of UV light being anti-microbial is well established, but the Germ Genie had not been tested thoroughly to show that it worked on computer keyboards."

Managing Director of Falcon Innovations, James Louttit, said: "We were very pleased to work with the university.

They have been very responsive and brought a scientific rigour to the testing.

"We expected the results to be good, but it is invaluable to us to be able to demonstrate a ninety-nine percent kill across the keyboard.

"The University of Hertfordshire has really lived up to their reputation as a business friendly institution, and as a start-up entrepreneur," he said.

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