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End to free parking in Milton Keynes
Parking in Milton Keynes (Image courtesy of Rich Tea)
The premium rate parking will be increased by 981 spaces

Free parking in Central Milton Keynes is to end at the end of January 2011.

Councillors reconfirmed the decision at a meeting last night, after a failed attempt by residents to get it overturned.

Residents fear city centre workers will park in their streets rather than pay to park in Central MK.

The date has been chosen to allow people to plan for any changes to their journeys or consider alternative forms of transport.

The key changes are as follows:

• Extend premium rate parking by 981 spaces (including some around the Food Hall).

• Extend standard rate parking by 3872 spaces (into free areas on North and South Row).

To be retained:

• Some free parking at the Food Hall area.

• Standard rate tariff at 30 pence per hour.

• Premium rate tariff at £1.20 per hour.

• CMK employee concessionary discount at 50% of standard tariff (equates to £1.20 per day to park).

• Commuter parking discount of 50% (available to MK residents who are season ticket holders).


• Allow CMK Resident Parking Permit holders to park in standard rate parking spaces on North and South Row free of charge - in order to assist CMK residents.

• Introduce 'Green' parking permit for low emission vehicles at a cost of £75 per annum. Permit valid in standard rate bays only. Available to vehicles that emit less than 120g CO2 emissions per km driven - to encourage use of more environmentally friendly vehicles and reduce carbon emissions.

• Abolish free weekend parking in blocks C1 and C4 (C1 defined as area between Witan gate, Saxon Gate, North Row and Silbury Boulevard, C4 defined as area between Witan Gate, Saxon Gate, South Row and Avebury Boulevard). To revert to weekday parking charges.

• Increase cost of Hotel and Conference scratch-card to £5 per day.

• Increase cost of long stay/commuter parking to £8 per day.

Parking meter in Milton Keynes

Vanessa McPake, the Lib Dem Councillor responsible for transport told BBC Three Counties:

"You don't have free parking in the centre of other cities anywhere else in the country.

"What we have done is to ensure that Milton Keynes still has lower parking charges than any of the surrounding areas, so it will still be cheaper than Bedford, Northampton, Luton or Aylesbury.

"We have ensured that the standard parking rate is not going up. We've kept it at 30p an hour along with all the employee discounts and enhanced the amount of free parking for local residents who live in Milton Keynes," explained Councillor McPake.

The council also announced plans to carry out a parking survey in April 2011, to assess the effects of the decision.

"Where local residents in a particular street say they would like free residents parking, then I will certainly introduce it," said Councillor McPake.

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