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The Pee Pod - the place to pee in Milton Keynes!
Pee Pod
Conveniently located for your convenience?

As the World Cup gets underway, Milton Keynes is prepared for one of the biggest problems that football fans face... the dilemma of where to relieve yourself after a night out.

Picture the scene, it's late at night, you've had a few beers with your mates and then you get that feeling and you just have to go…

Well if you're in Milton Keynes' Theatre District you're in luck.

A convenient 'Pee Pod' has been introduced!

The 'Pee Pod' is a small set of four open-air plastic urinals, about the size of a normal portable lavatory, providing a small enclosure for men to answer the call of nature.


So is it a bad idea to have somewhere that encourages men to urinate outside or is it a great idea to have somewhere hygienic to go, especially in an area where there are no public toilets?

Pee Pod in Manchester

BBC reporter Phil Lack describes the Pee Pod as 'very clean, tidy and discreet', and spoke to some of the gentlemen of Milton Keynes to gauge their reaction:

"It's a nice idea, I'd use it" said delivery man Carl, "But where do you wash your hands?"

"It's a good idea, especially if it keeps the streets clean and makes the smells down the alleyways a bit sweeter!" said another.

The Pee Pod will be available for the convenience of gentleman visitors to the Theatre District from 10.00pm until 4.00am on Fridays and Saturdays until the end of July.

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