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Children's hairdressing fun at Little Roots in Hitchin
Little Roots Salon Hitchin
The children are kept entertained by sitting in cars and watching DVD's

A new trend sweeping the UK has arrived in a Hertfordshire town.

A hair salon especially designed for children has opened on Bridge Street in Hitchin.

Taking your toddler to get their hair cut can be a nightmare, however Little Roots aims to make it fun for the children and relaxing for the parents.

The salon has motorcars for chairs, colourful decorations, DVDs and toys to distract the children from tears and tantrums.


Manager of the salon, Nicola Pope told BBC Three Counties she wanted youngsters getting a haircut to have a good experience:

"It is purely for children, we have children ourselves and know how traumatic it can be for children and parents. We make it fun!"

The customers range from babies under one up to children aged seven who sit in themed styling chairs such as a plane or car.

"They love it! The boys and girls favour the pink mini.

"We get newborns coming here, but mostly toddlers," said Nicola.

Further distraction is created by a carefully chosen selection of DVDs playing right in front of them.

The older children go to the 'too cool' corner with a stylish chair and computer games to occupy them while they have their hair done.


Nicola told BBC Three Counties reporter, Jenna Benson how she was inspired to start the salon:

"When it came to haircut time for our own children we'd postpone it," explained Nicola.

"My husband would have to hold their heads, I would try and do it. We knew there just had to be a way around it."

Nicola had such trouble trying to cut her son's hair because he kept wriggling and crying that she even tried to do it in his sleep!

Pink Mini Styling Chair
The pink mini is a big hit!

Knowing other parents had the same problem, trained hairdresser of 19 years, Nicola decided to start her own salon especially for children.

Children's salons are already very popular in America where youngsters see getting their hair done as a fun day out.

There are now more and more hairdressing salons offering children's haircuts only opening across this country.

The prices at the Hitchin salon range from £3 for a fringe trim on a toddler to £18 for a seven year old's bridesmaid hair style and sparkle.

They also offer a special first haircut package which includes a certificate and that important first lock of hair.

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