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Review: Gallows at the Watford Colosseum
By Ian Crooks
BBC Introducing ...

Hertfordshire band the Gallows went down a storm at their recent Watford gig.

8 February 2010

There is an air of anticipation building in the Watford Colosseum tonight.

The audience, of which a large percentage are teenagers attending their first 'proper' gig, are patrolling the hall with baited breath.

Tattooed 'twenty-somethings' line the bar, reminiscing enthusiastically about the first time they saw the headliners in a dingy pub.

For this isn't your standard charity concert at the Colosseum. It is the homecoming of Watford's hardcore punk stalwarts the Gallows, in their first Watford based show since 2006.

The evening starts as the houselights switch off and the first support band take to the stage.

Spycatcher (and side project of Gallows bass player Stuart) put on a respectable show with their brand of catchy rock.

Although not whipping them into a frenzy, they exit the stage with a healthy appreciative applause and leave a positive feeling to the start of the evening.

Fellow Watford band None The Less are up next, and with their emo tinted heavy rock, a fair reception is met.

Although it is made clear that this band holds some talented musicians, an impression is left that maybe they would be more comfortable opening this gig or indeed headlining a smaller venue.

Even so, they are clearly appreciated.

None the Less Drummer, Mike Smith.
None the Less Drummer, Mike Smith.

With BBC Introducing Presenter Gareth Lloyd's announcement that Blackhole are on next, the audience morphs into a crowd of bustling excitement, with the anticipation of something special.

Blackhole fail to disappoint, with their aggressive style of hardcore, they are the perfect kick up the backside the grumpy teenagers congregating around the front of the stage need to get moving.

While it is clear that Blackhole is drawing a positive influence from the Gallows, they make the show their own, with an extremely energetic set, coloured by powerful vocals and franticly catchy songs.

By now, the room is charged with energy, and maybe even though the Relentless stall at the back of the room may have been partly responsible, the rest is due solely to the fact that the next band on, are the band everyone has turned up to see.

Gallows storm onto the stage, rip-roaring straight into their furious, angry style of Hardcore Punk. The room grows warmer, as more and more people join the surging crowd at the front of the stage to get a glimpse of the band they have been reading about in the magazines and hearing on the radio.

Frank Carter
Gallows' vocalist, Frank Carter.

The audience hangs on vocalist Frank Carter's every word between songs, clearly enjoying the company of the Gallows.

Their set is filled with songs from their latest album 'Grey Britain.'

They even renamed one of their tracks 'London is the reason' to 'Watford is the reason.'

This went down well, with the crowd screaming every word back at them.

Old favourites like 'Abandon Ship' and 'Orchestra of wolves' are greeted with fondness in the style of circle pits and even an unusually savage 'wall of death'.

Tonight, it seems that Watford has greatly missed their breakaway punk nutters the Gallows, and they were greeted to a heroes return.

As I leave the Colosseum, with a sore neck, busted knee and a possible concussion, I climb into my car with the firm belief that for the fun I had tonight, it was worth it.

Check out the photos from the gig.

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