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Isobel Varley and her tattoos - a real work of art
Isobel Varley
Isobel Varley is the world's most tattooed senior woman

While most women in their 60s are settling down for a quiet life, Isobel Varley is travelling the world - showing off her tattoos and piercings.

From her home in Stevenage, this extraordinary woman told us how she is practically covered from head to foot with colourful tattoos and piercings.

But Isobel didn't start having tattoos until her late 40s in 1986.

The mother-of-one has now covered her entire body.

Isobel Varley
Isobel started having the piercings in 1989

"I went to a tattoo convention and had one tattoo - and then it just went from there. This came about as I was so impressed by the sheer beauty of the tattoos and I found that the people there were ordinary people from all walks of life and were not strange," she said.

But Isobel warned: "If you're going to have one done, you've got to think about it carefully because it's going to last a very long time so you've got to be sure it's what you want.

"Having a tattoo removed is expensive and I think you should only get one done if you're old enough to know what you want for the rest of your life."

The pensioner started having the piercings in 1989 - having her first as an experience so she could write about it. She has 29 in her ears, two in her nose, one in each nipple, one in her belly button and 16 in various places in her nether regions.

Isobel Varley
Isobel's face remains free of tattoos - for now!

"The most painful is nipple piercing - I've had to have them redone three times for various reasons. The tops of your ears take a long time to heal, but the ones down below heal very fast."

Isobel said that the lower piercings could be uncomfortable when wearing pants - and that she had some attachments she could put on to make her jingle as she walked!

At the present the only areas not yet completely tattooed are Isobel's face, the soles of her feet, her ears and some area on her hands.

And what does her husband Mac (who sports a Prince Albert piercing) think about the tattoos and piercings? "Oh, he likes them," added Isobel.


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