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Garlic to stop holes from the moles
European Mole
There are an estimated 40 million moles in Britain

Garlic plants are being planted around a football pitch in Bedfordshire in an attempt to stop moles ruining the turf.

For sometime now, footballers at Heath and Reach have had to dribble around the molehills during their games.

The underground animals have also been causing problems in the nearby cemetery.

John Trevethick, a pest controller from Newport Pagnell, thinks a plant called Allium may be the answer.

"The problem is that the moles are very persistent and difficult to get rid of," John told BBC Three Counties.

"We wanted to find a way of controlling the moles, without killing them.

"I saw an advert for garlic bulbs in a seed catalogue and decided to give them a try."

The Allium plant has a very strong odour

John explained that the theory is that the smell of the garlic will deter the moles from tunnelling in areas where they are causing a problem.

"We're planting around fifty to a hundred bulbs around the edge of the recreation ground and we'll see what happens. If it works then that's great, if it doesn't, we'll have to resort to the old method," said John.

Allium is a member of the garlic family and a close relative to the onion, shallot and leek.

"The public certainly won't be able to smell anything unusual, the scent is underneath the soil and because moles have such a good sense of smell they will detect it from far away.

"We'll know in six to twelve months whether it's worked or not!" laughed John.

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