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'Green toilet' for Watford allotments
Green toilet
The toilet employs a waterless technology to break down waste

Gardeners tending to their allotments in Watford can now make use of a "green toilet".

The environmentally friendly convenience has been installed on the Cherry Tree allotments in Watford.

The new toilet is one of a number of improvements being carried out at the allotment by Watford Borough Council for the tenants, who will soon be managing the site for themselves.

Ian Mather, project co-ordinator for Watford Borough Council said:

Inside the green toilet
The gardeners will be able to use the compost on their allotments

"The new toilet's innovative design means it has a very low impact on the environment.

"Made primarily with wood from sustainable forests, the toilet employs a simple waterless technology to break down waste using only heat and air," he explained.

"This odourless process is quite rapid, taking just a few weeks.

"When completed any residues are simply composted as part of a 'hot composting' process, where it is mixed with ordinary green waste."

The gardeners will not only benefit from having the convenience of a toilet available to them.

"The compost will be available to be used by the tenants on their plots if they wish," said the project co-ordinator.

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