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Introducing... behind the scenes

BBC Introducing... live room
The studio is fully sound-proofed and has in-house guitar amps to use

Welcome to the BBC Introducing... live room here at our radio studios in Luton, UK. Every week a different band performs three tracks of music which are professionally recorded by our BBC engineers.

Two of the tracks go straight on-air on BBC Introducing... in Beds, Herts & Bucks between 1900 and 2000 every Friday night on BBC Three Counties Radio. The third track is uploaded to this website.

Technical Specification

The live room can easily hold most bands and has a house drum kit and guitar amplifiers to make it easier for bands to get in and out of the studios. The drum kit is a five piece Mapex Pro M series with 10" and 12" mounted toms, a 14" floor tom, a 22" bass drum and a 14" snare drum.

BBC Introducing... live room
Drummers can use our in-house kit to save time setting up

The drum kit comes with Paiste cymbals (crash, ride and hi hats) but drummers are very welcome to bring their own cymbals, snare drum and breakables.

The two guitar amps are a Marshall JCM 200 - DSL 401 and a Marshall Valvestate 2000 - AVT 150. The DSL 4-1 is a 40 watt, 2 channel 1x12" combo and the AVT 150 is a 150 watt, 4 channel 1x12" combo with DFX.

BBC Introducing... live room
Our BBC engineers use this 32 channel digital desk to mix the live bands

The live room is connected to the control room by two digital multicores, each providing 16 send and 8 return channels down a single CAT5 cable. The control room houses a Yamaha LS9 32 channel digital mixing desk with a 24 channel digital Alesis ADAT HD24 hard disk recorder.

You can use the live room webcam to watch the bands perform every Friday evening from 1900 to 2000.



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