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Herts musician co-writes song for Remembrance Day
Remember Poppy Day
'People often forget to remember' says Olly

A musician from Hertfordshire has co-written a song about the importance of Remembrance Day.

The theme of the song is that we all live such hectic lives now, that we can forget to remember those who gave their lives or were injured in war.

Olly Wedgwood, a musician from Tring says the inspiration for the song came from his friend, Chris Grace.

Chris wrote the lyrics after watching the recent Battle of Britain commemorations on television.

Together with a painting by artist Teresa Scannella of a poppy field as inspiration, he sat down one morning and wrote.

Olly told the BBC: "We live in a society now where everything is so fast and where we're all so busy.

"Remembrance Day comes and goes, and sometimes it just goes. Chris told me he wanted to write something which would say just stop, sit back and remember."


Olly went on to describe the moment Chris first contacted him about the collaboration.

"He phoned me up and asked me what I thought of his words, and if I would put some music to them," said Olly.

"In the past, I've struggled with my own lyrics, but when I'm given them I find that somehow the music just arrives.

"I sat down at the piano, and half an hour or so later I had the bare bones of the song."


20% of all profits from the Remember Poppy Day project will go to The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal and the Alzheimer's Society .


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