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Pitstone allotments use BBC Radio 4 to scare off deer
Anna and John Stack on the allotments in Pitstone
Anna and John Stack said the radio device helps to keep the deer away

Allotment owners in Buckinghamshire have come up with a way to discourage deer venturing onto their vegetable patches.

A radio alarm with a sensor, triggered by movement, has been installed at the allotments in Pitstone.

When an animal approaches and tries to steal produce, BBC Radio 4 is set off and plays out loud.

The talk radio station scares off the unwanted creatures because most wild animals are afraid of the human voice.

Anna Stack from the Pitstone Allotment Association said: "They eat our sweet corn and peas, which we were really cross about.

Deer are very timid, if they hear human voices they scarper.
Anna Stack

"We had a raid in June and we only got the site in April. We are expecting more in winter when food is scarce and the deer are hungry.

"The deer come at night and early morning when no-one is here. They are coming from Ashridge, there live in the village.

"Ivinghoe allotments have the same problem, they used the radio devices which have proved successful so we decided to do the same.

"When the device is set off it scares the deer away. They are very timid and if they hear human voices they scarper.

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